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Insurance in Pakistan-Tips, Precautions, Do’s & Don’ts in Urdu

Insurance – Golden Tips, Precautions, Do’s & Don’ts in Urdu Language  
Insurance has become an integral part of modern life. People of third world countries have no security of their lives and assets. Just few welfare states of the world provide the life time economical security to their citizens. Insurance is considered the best mean of future security all over the world. Although i am personally against insurance but many Islamic scholars have given positive comments in favor of insurance. They take it as a private social security scheme. Now its your own decision to believe them or not. My insurance agent friend has shown me fatwas by many Muslim scholars of almost all Islamic schools of thoughts in favor of insurance.

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Securities and exchange commission of Pakistan has issued list of do’s & don’ts for those who want to buy any kind of insurance policy. We have given the Urdu ad by securities and exchange commission of Pakistan below this post to guide the Pakistani people. You must read all these precautions very carefully as majority of companies refuse to pay the claims due to minor objections. This post is basically a public service post to guide the common men. Remember that a common man cannot face or defeat a company. Insurance companies use many tactics to avoid loss. You will have to get complete information about your policy before buying it. If you want to buy an insurance policy then first try to get basic information about it. You may get primary necessary information on this page about all kinds of policies. Please, please,please read all the conditions given at the backside of your policy document. My many friends are facing difficulties in receiving their compensation.

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Insurance in Pakistan-Tips, Precautions, Do’s & Don’ts in Urdu