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How To Become Civil Judge or Magistrate in Pakistan? 20 Super Tips

How To Clear The Exam of Civil Judge, Magistrate or Additional Session Judge Exams After LLB? Golden Tips
Ultimate aim of all young lawyers should be to join judiciary as being a judge and magistrate you can serve the nation better than as a lawyer. Civil judges and magistrates are given very handsome salary and they can even become judge of Supreme Court of Pakistan in the later stage of their judicial career. At present a lawyer can appear in the exam for the posts of civil judge or magistrate after two years of legal practice. Before applying for the post of you must get the membership of high court bar association. Now million dollar question is how to become civil judge or magistrate in Pakistan. In this article we shall share super tips about how to become civil judge or magistrate in Pakistan.

How To Become Civil Judge or Magistrate in Pakistan? 20 Super Tips

How To Become Civil Judge or Magistrate in Pakistan? 20 Super Tips

How To Clear All Kinds of Judiciary Papers? 20 Tips 

1-Unfortunately till now civil judge papers are taken in English, so never get admission in law colleges which are still offering LLB degree in Urdu.

2-Actively take part in legal practice after LLB, as in interview majority of questions are asked about practical aspects of law. Accept all kinds of cases in the initial stage of your legal practice.

3-It has been noticed that majority of lawyers go for MA Political Science, International Relations and History. It’s a wrong strategy for those lawyers who want to appear in the exam of civil judge or magistrate. You must go for MSc Criminology, LLM, Bar-at-Law or PGD in legal subjects after LLB.

4-Lawyers must apply for CSS and PMS exams too. Chose law related optional subjects in PMS and CSS exams.

5-During your preparation for civil judge and magistrate exam, you must apply for the posts of legal inspector and public prosecutor. It will boost your confidence, concentration and preparation level.

6-In case of failure in the exam of civil judge or magistrate, you must appear in the exam of additional session judge too after 5 years.

7-No academy can help you through just one or two month’s classes. At this stage of career, if you cannot learn the technique of self-study then nobody else also cannot help you. You must read our articles on self-study and selected study techniques for learning these useful skills. Selected studies is an option just for short term strategy. For short term planning strategy you must also learn how to utilize past papers and how to make your own guess papers.

8-Avoid taking part in lawyer’s politics in the initial stage of your legal career. Almost all candidates for bar seats also have one aim in life i.e to join judiciary. Kindly analyze the history of past bar representative of bar to verify my observation. Don’t spoil the decisive era of your career in politics.

9-Make your own notes and read our article on this topic for guidance in this regard.

10-Join a lawyer of good repute as a junior.

11-Spend your spare time in library rather than in bar room.

12-You must also observe the arguments of famous lawyers in courts. It’s an easy method of quick learning.

13-Change your reading habits. Try to read maximum legal books. Your concepts about all important topics should be clear.

14-Make a diary for taking your notes. Write references and quotations separately about different kinds of cases. Share your knowledge with your juniors as it’s an easy way to master any topic.

15-Attend the lecturers arranged by bar council on different legal topics. Never hesitate in asking questions to the senior lawyers as majority of them will feel pleasure in helping you as it’s a great tradition of our bar councils.

16-Write articles on popular legal issues and send your writings to legal websites and digests. It will develop your creative writing skills and confidence level.

17-Prepare your each and every case very carefully and with great devotion. Believe me that your sincerity for your clients will pay you in your future.

18-You must also improve your general knowledge. Read daily newspapers and watch news channels for improving your knowledge about current affairs. Read books about everyday science, IQ, arithmetic, IT, psychological tests, Pakistan affairs, EQ, history, aptitude tests, international relations, Islamic studies, Urdu/English literature and language.

19-Try to improve your confidence level and visit our self-help category for guidance in this regard. You are also welcome to consult our team of psychologists for guidance in this regard.

20-Your hard work in initial stage of your career as a lawyer will build a momentum in your life. Luck is also a very important factor, as i have seen back bencher students of my LLb class as civil judges. At the same time I have also seen very successful lawyers who had failed in the exam of civil judge or magistrate. They are earning much more money than the class fellows in judiciary and some of them even have won the election of Supreme Court bar council. So dear brothers work hard and leave the rest on Almighty Allah. He knows betters that which field is better for us. Never lose heart and believe in Almighty Allah.

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