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How To Clear Combined Competitive Examination? Useful Links & Top 10 Tips

How To Clear Combined Competitive Exams (PMS)? Top Ten Super Tips & Useful Links
Combined competitive examination is one of the best way to become a gazetted government officer after CSS. Its second name is Provincial Management Service or PMS. Today we shall share some useful links and top ten tips for preparation of PMS.

PMS Compulsory Subjects
You will have to appear in following 6 compulsory subjects of 100 marks each.
English Essay
Islamic Studies
Pakiatan Studies
General Knowledge
There will be a psychological test too of 200 marks.



How To Clear Combined Competitive Examination? Useful Links & Top 10 Tips

Optional Subject Selection Tips in Combined Competitive Examinations
You will have to opt 3 optional papers of 200 marks each. List of optional papers has been given below. From group A to group G you may opt maximum one subject from any group. Majority of arts students opt Urdu/Punjabi/Education, Sociology/Social Work and Political Science/History.

Optional papers of History or Political Science will help you in the compulsory subject of Pakistan Studies.

Sociology, Social Work, Punjabi, Education, Mathematics, Physics, Geography, Persian Agriculture and Statistics are considered as scoring subjects. Although i personally think that concept of scoring subjects is just a myth. Scoring depends on your preparation and good presentation in paper.

Optional paper of Urdu will help you compulsory paper of Urdu too.
English literature will be helpful for you for both English compulsory subjects.

Law, Principle of Engineering, Commerce, Veterinary Science Business Administration, and Computer Science are considered most lengthy subjects due to their wide syllabus.

English Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Mass Communication, Geology and Economics are considered low scoring subjects.

How To Clear Combined Competive Examination? Useful Links & Top 10 Tips


Top Ten Super Tips About Preparation of Combined Competitive Examination (PMS)
1-Prepare at least bachelor level syllabus book thoroughly for preparation of optional subjects. Prepare the recommended books by PPSC too.

2-Note down the important topics of Master level books and clear your concepts about these key topics.

3-Always make your own notes rather than depending on others. Remember by writing a topic you can memorize it quite easily. We have written a detailed article to guide you about making notes for combined competitive examination. Link has been given below.

4-Improve your creative writing skills in English language. You should be able to answer any question in your own words rather memorizing the complete syllabus of combined competitive examination.

5-Daily write at least one English essay on different topics.

6-General Knowledge paper in Combined Competitive Examination is very vast it include general knowledge about everyday science, IT, Everyday Science, Mathematics, current affairs and general information about almost all walks of life. Prepare this paper seriously too. Start your preparation from “One Paper MCQs book” and “Who is Who & What is What book”.

How To Clear Combined Competive Examination? Useful Links & Top 10 Tips


7-Just appearing in combined competitive examination is not a right strategy. You must appear in CSS exam too. Avail maximum opportunities for securing your future. Appear in departmental recruitment, NTS and public service commission’s one paper MCQs tests too.

8-Read daily English newspapers, current affairs magazines, watch English news channels, youtube videos on general knowledge and current affairs.

9-Select your optional papers in intermediate and bachelor very wisely. Chose those subjects which you want to opt in CSS or combined competitive examination.

10-Take Google and as your best guide and tutor. Use internet positively for preparation of combined competitive examination (PMS).

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