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Information About First in Pakistan-GK For CSS & PMS

Information About First in Pakistan-GK For CSS & PMS

First in Pakistan-General Knowledge Pakistan  Studies

Welcome to our general knwoledge Pakistan Studies category. In this post we shall provide you general knowledge GK about Pakistan. We hope that you will like these information about Pakistan affairs as it will help you in CSS, PCS, PMS and NTS exams. All the information about Pakistan are related to first in Pakistan.

1-Quaid e Azam was the first governor general of Pakistan.
2-Liaqat Ali Khan was first prime minister of Pakistan.
3-Zahid Hussain was first governor of State bank of Pakistan.
4-Juatice Abdul Rasheed was first Chief Justice of Pakistan.
5-Sikandar Mirza was first President of Pakistan.
6-Ayub Khan was first Chief Martial Law Administrator of Pakistan.
7-Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was first civilian Chief Martial Law Administrator of Pakistan,
8-Abdul Hafeez Kardar was first captain of Pakistani cricket team.
9-Nur ul Ameen was first Vice president of Pakistan.
10-Government of India Act 1935 was first constitution of Pakistan.
11-General Ayub khan was first Muslim Commander-in-chief of Pak army.
12-Habib Ullah was first chairman senate.
13-General Sir Frank Messervy was first Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan.
14-General Tikka khan was first Chief of Army staff.
15-Rear Admiral Jafford James Wilfred was first Naval Commander-in-Chief..
16-Rear Admiral H.M.S Chaudhry was first Muslim Naval Commander-in-Chief.
17.Admiral Muhammad Sharif was first Chief of Naval Staff.
18-Air Vice Marshal Paery Cane was first Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Air Force.
19-Air Marshal Asghar Khan was first Muslim Commander-in-Chief of Pakistan Air Force.
20-Air Marshal Zafar Ahmad Chaudhary was first Chief of Air Staff.


Information About First in Pakistan-GK For CSS & PMS

21-General Muhammad Sharif was first Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee.
22-Benazir Bhutto was first woman Prime Minister of Pakistan.
23-Fehmida MIrza was first women speaker of National Assembly.
24-Mr Justice Salahhuddin Ahmad was first Chief Justice of Federal Shariat Court.
25-Molvi Tameezuddin was first speaker of legislative assembly.
26-First television station in Pakistan was established in Lahore.
27-Pakistan fought first war with India in 1948.
28-Sir Zafar ullah khan was first foreign minister of the country.
29-Pakistan issued first postal stamp on 9 July 1948.
30-Al Khalid was first tank of Pakistan.
31-Pakistan conducted its first 5 nuclear explosions on 28 May 1998.
32-First census in country was held in 1951.
33-First session of Constituent Assembly was held on 11 August 1947.
34-Karachi was the first capital of the country.
34-First missile launched by Pakistan was Hatf.
35-Terbella was the first major dam in country.
36-Ayub Khan was first elected President of Pakistan.
37-Pakistan won the first cricket world cup in1992.
38-Shukria Khanam was first lady pilot.
39-Pakistan issued its first coin on 3 January 1948.
40-Al Abbas was first ship manufactured in Pakistan.
41-Nazar Muhammad scored first century from his country.
42-Captain Sarwar was first soldier who got the highest military award Nishan-e- Haider.
43-We played first one day international in 1971 with New Zealand.
44-JF thunder super seven is first made in Pakistan fighter plane.
45-We played first test match in 1952 against India.
46-Waseem Akram was first bowler who took 500 wickets in one day international matches.
47-Mushaq was our first training plane.
48-Hanif Muhammad scored first triple century from his country.
49-Imran Khan was first Pakistani bowler who took 300 wickets in test matches.
50-Jalal-ud-din was first bowler who got hat trick in one day cricket.
51-Nazar Muhammad was first Pakistani cricketer who carried the bat in test matches.
52-Dr Abdul Salam was first Pakistani scientist who won noble prize in Physics.
53-Sharmin Ubaid was first Pakistan who won the Oscar award.
54-M Yousuf was first Pakistani who won the world snooker championship.
55-Waseem Akram was first Pakistani bowler who got 400 wickets in ODI.
56-Badar one was our first artificial satellite.
57-First general elections in country were held in 1971.
58-First sub marine in our navy was Ghazi.
59-Begum Rana Liaquat ali Khan.was first provincial governor in Pakistan.
60-First constitution of Pakistan was announced on 14 August 1956.

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