How to Create a Job Winning CV or Cover Letter Online? Free CV Templates

How to Generate a Job Winning Resume or Cover Letter Online? Free Resume Templates For All Kinds of Jobs
Now you can easily create a job winning CV/resume or cover letter online with the help of many online tools/websites. You don’t need Microsoft office for creating an professional CV or cover letter. You just need maximum 5 to 10 minutes for creating a professional CV or cover letter online. There are lot websites which provide large number of free CV templates and facility to create your professional CV/resume or cover letter online.

How to Create a Job Winning CV or Cover Letter Online? Free CV Templates

How to Create a Job Winning CV or Cover Letter Online? Free CV Templates

You should just note down the important details about yourself, academic and professional history on MS word before visiting these online CV creating websites. Some career websites provide all their services free of cost, while some charge very minor amount for premium membership and facilities. On some websites you may even start creating your C.V/cover letter without registration, while on some websites you will have to open an account first. After filling the small sign up form, you will be sent an email for confirmation of your email ID with a verification link. Click the verification link and start creating a job winning C.V or cover letter. Some websites not only provide the facility of creating a professional CV but also job winning cover letter too for resume. You may get help of online advisor too on some very great CV builder websites. CV builder will give you suggestions too for filling some critical areas of your resume or cover letter. On this page we have given the links of top ten online CV creating websites and cover letter building sites .

Top Ten Online CV/Resume Builder Websites
8-Google Docs
10-Visit CV & Resumes category of for writing a custom CV or cover letter.

Top Ten Cover Letter Writing Websites\
10-Google Docs

Why Google Docs is the Best Online Source for Creating a Job Winning CV/Resume or Cover Letter & How to Use it?
1-Google Docs is the best platform for creating a CV/resume or cover letter. It has many free but beautiful CV templates. Microsoft office also provides the online Office Web Apps but it has very limited CV templates. No Resume template is available here and you will have to do the formating yourself.

2-Just like many other Google’s products, services of Google docs are also free. Google docs has now become the part of Google Drive, which is Goolge’s online file storage service.

3-For using the free CV templates it is mandatory for you to log in with your Gmail id. If you do not have Gmail then create it right now as its also 100% free.

4-Now go to templates gallery of Google Docs and search by writing resumes. Lot of free CV templates will be visible on your screen.

5-Now view the CV templates one by one by clicking on preview option and after selecting a CV template click on Use this template button. Google docs will create a new document for you, using your selected template.

6-Now its editing will be very easy for you. Write down your all details in it. You don’t need to worry about saving the document as

7-Google Docs will automatically save all changes made by you. This file will be saved in your Google drive account. Still you should share or download it.

8-After completing the resume kindly download it. If you want to get its print directly then click the print button in the file menu. If you will use the print option of your browser then it will print the whole web page instead of just resume.
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