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How To Earn Money Online With Ad Fly? Top Ten Super Tips

How To Make Money Online With Ad Fly? Top Ten Super Tips & Tricks For Beginners
What is Ad Fly?
Ad fly has introduced a latest method for making money online. give you facility to shorten any link. Amazingly you are paid money for this easy activity. Its one of the alternative of Google adsense. In this article we are going to share top ten super tips with you about how to earn money online with Adfly.

First of all you will have to visit for making your account. You may make your account on this website free of cost. After making your free account on ad fly you will be allowed to shrink any link of your website or blog. When you will shrink any link of your website or blog, you will be given a small link. Now you will have to just share this link on your website, social networking websites (like twitter & facebook) and through emails. When anybody will click on this link, he will see an ad of 5 seconds. After that post of your website will appear. Ad fly will pay you money for showing its ads in this method.

How To Earn Money Online With Ad Fly? Top Ten Super Tips

How To Earn Money Online With Ad Fly? Top Ten Super Tips

Your earned money will be deposited in your ad fly account and you may get it through paypal, payza and payoneer when it will reach minimum threshold i.e 5$ for paypal and payza and 10$ for payoneer. Ads fly transfer your earned money automatically on the 1st day of the each month, but you must have reached the minimum withdrawal amount.

Points To Remember About How To Earn Money Online Through Ad Fly
1-Ad fly distribute 50% of its advertising revenue among its member.

2-You earned money will remain safe until you reach minimum withdrawal amount.

3-You are allowed to click on your own Ad fly links 1 time to test them. Remember just for once only.

4-Neither you may compel people to click on your link nor you may give them any kind incentive.

5-Shortened links have no expiry date so you may can use them for unlimited period unless any notice given by the ad fly. .

6-For joining the ad fly network you will have to click the Join Now button on the home page of this website

7-After that kindly fill out all the necessary information fields on the sign up form & select ‘Link Shrinker’ from the account type drop down. Being a publisher you may join this ad network free of cost. In fact its one of the best alternative of Google adsense. If you are running a website or blog then you must try this option for making money online at least once.

How To Earn Money Online With Ad Fly? Step By Step Guidance is one of the best websites for making money online. Its style of working is very simple.
1-First of all create an account with by clicking the Join button on the home page ( of the website. You will have to chose a publisher account.

2-Now you will be sent an email with confirmation link. Kindly follow the instructions given in the email.

3-Then log in to your new account with your chosen credentials.

4-Now being a publisher write your favorite website/blog in the big white rectangular box and click the shrink button. Now you will be able to view your first ever URL which will lokk like

5-At last you have now got the your first ever URL that is associated with your account. Now you have entered in the second but most important phase.

6-Now you can earn money online through the clicks by the people on your link, so try to promote it as much as you can. We can recommend the easiest method i.e shrink the ‘ URLs of your current website and replace them with links. Now whenever your website visitors click on these links, you will earn money online.
If you do not own a website or blog even then you may earn money online through following methods without spamming.

7-You may share the link of an excellent website on facebook after shrinking its URL with
You may share ad fly links in different kinds of forums. Remember that your given must be related to the topic otherwise you may be banned by the forum.

8-If you have a Twitter account with lots of followers, then you may earn money online by tweeting links.

9-You may use any other platform where you are allowed to share links.

10. Last but least visit, its earn money category and facebook page daily for reading latest information about different techniques about how to earn money online.

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