How To Earn Money With Web Designing? Super Tips For Beginners 

How To Make Money Online Through Web Designing? Super Tips & Tricks  
Web designing is an easy skill which a matriculate person can also learn. You may learn art of web development through formal and non formal methods. In this article we shall not discuss the formal method, as we have alrady discuss it in our articles about software engineering, graphic designing, software project management & information technology (IT).

Web Designing

How To Earn Money With Web Designing? Super Tips For Beginners

Through informal method too you can learn web designing within maximum one year. Arqum house offers 1 month web designing and web development course through wordpress. After that you may also learn PHP language. Those who are serious in the field of web designing only must learn HTML 5, J Query, CSS 3 and PHP language. You may learn HTML 5, J Query, CSS 3 and PHP language in 6 months. Many public and private institutions offer Web designing course like Punjab University, EVS, Corvit etc. You may also learn web designing with the help of Internet specially Youtube.

There are many other online platforms too from where you can learn webs desiging while staying at home like, and is a free platform while just offer 10 days free trial. These are two most recommended platforms for you. After training you must try to get internship or job in any software house as practical experience and skills matter a lot in the field of web designing. Initially you may get a job of 15 to 20 thousand rupees only but after one year of field experience you may demand a salary of your own choice. You may get job is software house, newspapers, TV channels, corporate organizations, import export companies, NGO’s, educational institutes, ecommerce websites etc.

You may also earn money as a freelancer. You may get business from local market through advertising, marketing techniques and personal contacts. A normal web designer can develop a normal website in maximum 2 to 3 days. He can demand 5 to 10 thousand rupees for such a task. For a custom website you may demand 6 figure amount, depending on the facilities demanded by your client.

You may also make your account on international freelancing websites like Elance, Odesk, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, 99 designs and micro workers for getting business from international clients. You will have to pay up to 10% of your earned income to these freelancing websites as their commission.

Talented people launch their own website in spite working for others. You may earn lot of money through different kinds of websites, like job portal, matrimonial website, ecommerce website (selling services/ products), affiliate marketing website, personal blog, web designing website etc. Idea, creative writing, SEO, hard work are keys to success for launching your own website and making money from it. Within a year or two, you may become an inter-pruner through this method of making money online. A lay man can enter in the field of web designing through wordpress in just one month as you may design all kinds of websites with the help of plugins and themes without having any knowledge of HTML 5, J Query, CSS 3 and PHP. Our following article will also be very helpful for you.
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