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How to Get The Visit Visa of China From Pakistan? Complete Guide

How to Get The Visit Visa of China From Pakistan? Golden Tips For Tourists & Businessmen 
China is a rich country with respect to its geographical location, traditions, art and craft works, values and norms. Each single year, people visit this destination. This country is richly explored in each single year by large number of people. China is our neighboring country. It is our steel friend. Friendship and bonding between Pakistan and China has its historical value. People of Pakistan love visit to China. Here process to get visit visa of China will be shared for the citizens of Pakistan.

How to Get The Visit Visa of China From Pakistan? Complete Guide

How to Get The Visit Visa of China From Pakistan? Complete Guide

If you are one of the diplomatic and official passport holders then you are exempted from visa process and you can stay upto the time frame of 30 days right in the mainland of China. For diplomatic and official passport holders, they can stay for 14 days in destination Hong Kong and Macao respectively.

Visa Categories And Their Description
If any Pakistani is about to visit China then he should understand these visa categories so that he can decide that which visa category he should opt:
Visa category C is issued to those individuals who wants to reside and stay in China on a permanent basis. We have visa category F and it is for those individuals who are visiting China for exchange purpose or for study, tour purpose. Category F is visit visa category.
Visa category L is for those Pakistanis who wants to visit China as a tourist.
We have XI visa category and this category is made for students of Pakistan. If you want to study in college or university of China for a period of about 180 days then this visa category is normally processed.

Documents Required for Visit Visa of China
You should have an original passport and that passport should have atleast 6 months of validity. It should have blank visa pages in it. You should have the photocopy of your passport data page and too photocopy of your photo page.
You should have visa application form and also photo.
You should give a proof of your legal stay or the proof of your residence status.
If you are applying for this visit visa for the first time then you have to come to embassy for interview process. You should give a clearance certificate of yourself provided to you by Ministry of foreign affairs of Pakistan.
For visit visa, you should show an invitation letter that will be issued to you from your relevant and concerned Chinese entities.
That invitation letter should contain these items and information in it:
Invitation letter should mention complete information, full name, date of birth and gender about the applicant who wants to visit China.
That invitation letter should tell and mention purpose of your visit, arrival dates and too departure dates. Invitation letter should highlight details that which China places you will be visiting. Relation between Chinese entity and applicant should be clearly stated in that invitation letter.
This is how Pakistanis can get visit visas of China. These are basic and supporting documents which you need for this visit visa processing.