How to Identify Fake Currency Notes in Pakistan? Tips, App & Video in Urdu

How to Check Fake Currency Notes of Pakistan? Super Tips, SBP Official Application & Video in Urdu Language
Did you ever find any of the currency note as fake and you took it from the shopkeeper as it looks the real one? Well, it do happen with almost all people atleast once in lifetime and they sometimes are not been able to figure out that which one of the shop they visited that gave them with this fake currency note. Well, thats another issue! Besides putting so hard pressure on your mind, it would be advisable to learn some helpful tips about identifying these fake currency notes.

Important and Main Tips to Identify Fake Currency Notes
Light Detection Method
As you will be placing any currency note under these special light detection equipments, real currency notes will not be changing their colors. This is said out to be one of the best and easy tactics to detect a fake currency note out from the bundle currency notes. You just need to pass out any currency note through the black light or be it any special light detection equipment, and if you find something glowing in the currency notes then you should reject them. Fake currency notes will always change their colors. On other hand, real currency notes will retain their color scheme while they will be passed through light detection equipments.

How to Identify Fake Currency Notes in Pakistan? Tips, App & Video in Urdu

How to Identify Fake Currency Notes in Pakistan? Tips, App & Video in Urdu

Check Watermark of Your Currency Notes
You should give a check at the watermark image of your currency notes. Talking about Pakistani rupee, watermark image of Quaid-e-Azam is usually placed at the front left side of Pakistani currency notes. You can view this watermark image under light. In some of the fake currency notes, this watermark is all created with the means of some opaque ink or with the help of a stamping. Fake currency notes have this watermark mage made from oil and grease as well on them.

Security Thread Presence
In these real currency notes, this security thread can never be pull out from real currency notes. There is a continuous dark line of thread in the currency notes of Rs10, Rs.50 and Rs.100. On the other hand, the word ‘State Bank of Pakistan’ is written on the thread of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency notes.

Optical Variable Ink (OVI) Usage in Real Currency Notes
In real currency notes, you will view the flag with crescent moon and a star just over at the front right side of Rs 500, Rs 1,000 and Rs 5,000 currency notes. This is always printed with optical variable ink (OVI) and it will be changing its color from green to magenta and magenta to green. If it does not change its color, that currency note is fake then!
So if, you want to keep yourself away from getting trap into these fake currency notes, then follow the guidelines which we did mention for you! Keep yourself away from these fake currency note givers all the time. Always get right currency note from shoppers and dealers and follow these preventive measures if you are new with the usage of Pakistani currency notes. Here are links for SBP official app and video related about how to identify fake currency notes of 500, 1000 and 5000 in Pakistan.

The official App of State Bank of Pakistan for increasing awareness about security features of Pakistani Banknotes.
SBP Official Video For Identification of Fake Currency Bank Notes

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