How to Improve Eyesight Through Eye Exercises? Tips in Urdu

Tips About Eye Exercises in Urdu Language
Majority of people think that there is no treatment for weak eyesight. Its a 100% misconception as there are many herbal and homeopathic medicines for improving the eyesight. You may also improve your eyesight through eye exercises. It has also been noticed that long Sajdah during prayer may also improve your eyesight quickly. I have also tried it and every time result were hundred percent. In fact there is no alternative of Sajdah during the Islamic prayer for improvement of eyesight. Being a Muslim you must say your prayers regularly but not for improving your health, always take your prayers as your sacred duty. You will get its benefits automatically. We have written following detailed articles on tips about how to improve eyesight.

Top Ten Tips For Better Eyesight in English & Urdu

How To Improve Eyesight Without Glasses? New Research & Tips

You must read our both these articles as just eye exercises are not enough for improving the eyesight quickly. You must make a proper plan for this purpose in the light of super tips given in our above mentioned articles. Today we shall just share eye exercises with you in Urdu language. We have taken this Urdu article on eye exercises from daily Dunya newspaper. Dr Shagufta Feroze has written this article. She has also shared some diet tips for you. You should follow her advices but i disagree with her technique of sun treatment, as sun rays may be harmful for your eyesight.

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How to Improve Eyesight Through Eye Exercises? Tips in Urdu

How to Improve Eyesight Through Eye Exercises? Tips in Urdu


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