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How To Join PAF? 20 Super Tips & Tricks

How To Join Pak Air Force? Twenty Super Tips & Tricks
Pakistan Air Force has a great history of completing the most dangerous air missions. World record holder fighter Pilot MM Alam was also a part of Pakistan Air Force who shot down 6 Indian planes alone in his one attack. I have not even seen a single Pakistani students who do not dream of becoming a fighter pilot. Today will share 20 super tips and tricks for those students who want to join PAF.

How To Join PAF? 20 Super Tips & Tricks

How To Join PAF? 20 Super Tips & Tricks

Twenty Super Tips For Those Who Want To Join PAF  

1-You need to be a super fit as PAF does not recruit medically unfit candidates in any of its branch. Specially your eye sight should be good enough as per the requirements of Pakistan Air Force.

2-Survival of fittest rule has been proven wrong by Muslim creationist Haroon Yahya in Biology but it is applied in PAF still as only fittest candidates are given cap of PAF. Here by fittest i do not mean only physical fitness as you need to be psychological and academically fit too.

3-You must try to get admission in PAF College Sargodha or PAF College Lower Topa Murree Hills after class 7th for becoming a GD pilot. has published following detailed article on this topic;

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4-Practice is key to success in all fields of even if you fail to get admission in PAF college Sargodha or any other cadet college even then you can get your goal by self study. Read our article “How to develop the self study habit” for guidance in this regard.

5-You must enter in the area of your interest only. has also published a guiding article to help you in recognizing the field of your interest. Here is the link for you.

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6-You need to improve your confidence. Neither become the patient of inferiority complex nor become the victim of superiority complex. Read our articles “Self Help -how To Be Confident? Top Ten Tips” and “Self Help – Recognize Your Self Worth“for guidance about getting confidence.

7-Emotional intelligence is also very important for those candidates who want to join PAF. It will help you in clearing the interview and ISSB test. Its a hard for me to guide you about importance of EQ level in this article. Kindly read our article “How To Become Successful in Life By Learning The Difference Between IQ & EQ“.

8-You will have to clear the intelligence test too. Here again we will not leave you alone. Read our article “How To Clear Different Kinds of Psychological Tests? Tips” for guidance about clearing the intelligence or psychological test.

9-Your general knowledge and communication skills should be extraordinary. For improving your general knowledge read daily newspapers, watch English news channels and read GK books. Who is Who and What is What is the first recommended book for you. Our online testing website will also provide you the facility of online preparation. It will be a unique website of its nature in Pakistan. How To Improve Your Communication Skills? Top 10 Super Tipss and “How To Learn Creative Writing” are our two most recommended articles on the improvement of communication skills. Take part in speech competitions,

10-Take part in physical sports to improve your stamina.

11-Change your book reading taste. Try to read books on flying history and techniques, wars, biographies, GK, Islam, World and Indo Pak History, PAF history, IQ, ISSB preparation, every day science. international current affairs etc. Even try to change your internet surfing style and just visit the sites on above mentioned topics.

12-You will need to have mental stability, problem solving nature, situation handling ability, analytical, quantitative & qualitative resonating skills for clearing the preliminary,intelligence and ISSB tests to join PAF.

13-During student life your focus should be on Islamiyat, Urdu, General Science, Mathematics, English (A & B), Pakistan Studies, quiz/speech competitions, mental and physical games.

14-Always remain in winning state of mind during interviews, preliminary, psychological and ISSB tests.

15-Go for regular medical check up till your selection in Pakistan Air Force.

16-Join the academy only for test sessions.

17-Make both long term and short term plans for your preparation.

18-If you will make it your mission in life to join PAF then believe me that you will certainly achieve your goal.

19-Even during your school days start the preparation of PAF test. Buy just one book for preparation of interview, psychological, preliminary and ISSB test and after fully preparing it buy another book on the same topic. Continue this practice till final success, but read general informative books too. There is no need to become a book worm as you need to have a multidimensional personality so actively participate in all extra curricular activities too.

20-Last but not least these super tips will also help you in your whole life. In case of failure in getting commission in Pakistan Air Force, you will be able to clear the competitive exams in future, so follow the tips and read our following articles too.

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Why You Should Join PAF?
1-You will be given very handsome salary package.
2-Free medical facility for family and self will be provided by Pakistan Air Force.
3-You will be given the membership of PAF housing scheme.
4-You can avail many opportunities of courses in different foreign countries too.
5-You will be taught courses of international standard, which will help you even after your retirement.
6-You will get the pride of serving the nation and your beloved country Pakistan.
7-You may also get an opportunity of abroad posting.
8-You will enjoy concession in air and train fair
9-Last but not least you will get golden opportunity of becoming martyr (shaheed).

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