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How To Join Pak Navy? Super Tips & Tricks

How To Join Pakistan Navy? 15 Golden Tips & Tricks
Pak Navy is our proud. Being Muslims we Pakistani people love to join the armed forces. That’s why candidate who want to join Pak Navy have to face very tough competition. Today will share some super tips and tricks for those who want to join Pak Navy.

Join Pak Navy

How To Join Pak Navy? Super Tips & Tricks

Fifteen Super Tips About How To Join Pak Navy 

1-You must take the decision about your future career path after the 5th class exam. You must have plan B to in case of failure of plan A. Unfortunately there i no concept of career counseling in our country, that’s why is trying its level best to guide the students about different career paths by writing detailed career counseling articles on different career options. As per psychologists at the age of 10 years a student can decide about his/her future career path in the light of his/her interest in basic subjects.

2-Those want to join Pak Army first of all try to get admission in any cadet college. Cadet colleges prepare the students for joining the Armed forces. has published a detailed article on the “Cadet Colleges Admission Guide”

3-If you can not afford to get admission in any cadet college even then you do not need to bother. Just plan your study/sports and exercise routine intelligently. Now you will have to become your own teacher. Yes its quite possible for intelligent, responsible and career conscious students. You can should buy preparation book to join Pak Navy. Now make your mission to mater one book within 4 to 6 months. Then buy another book and continue this practice till your selection. Role of parents is also very important in this regard. They should cooperate and appreciate their kids during their studies. Positive criticism and occasionally appreciation will boost the confidence of your kids.

4-Following 6 basic skills are required in all those candidate who want to join Pak Navy in first attempt.
2-Good IQ Level & EQ Level
3-Excellent Academic Skills
4-Great General Knowledge
5-Physical Fitness
6-Impressive Verbal and Written Communication Skills

Just good general knowledge and academic record are not enough at all for selection. You well have to be a versatile and multidimensional person for success.

5-There is no need to join academies but if you are lacking confidence then join the test session only. You can improve your confidence level by the method of self suggestions too.

6-Take part in speech and general knowledge competitions at school and college level.

7-Play both physical and mental games. Try to improve your stamina with regular exercises at home or Gym. Learn swimming and take part in swimming competitions.

8-Try to adopt book reading a your hobby. Read books on war history, general knowledge, Islam, naval warfare, History, English language, biographies of famous generals and literature. every day science, current affairs, ISSB test preparation, IQ and Psychology. Fortunately now you can read all the newspapers on internet so try to read all English newspapers, rather i will suggest you to watch only English News channels and movies.

9-All genius people make both long term and short term plans for their goal in life. You must be aware about the expected dates of recruitment. Maximum duration of short term plan should be 4 months during which you should study relevant available books in market about “How to join Pak Navy”. During this period you should have just one mission i.e preparation and only preparation.

10-Make plan B but never even think that you will not be able to join Pak Army. Take part in preliminary, intelligence, and ISSB test with full confidence.

11-Consult your family doctor for complete medical check up before applying. You must also go for annual medical check up from primary class to class 12th.

12-Many websites provides online preparation and testing facilities to the candidates who want to join Pak Navy. We have also launched such a website. Soon we shall let you introduce with it. Like Navy and Army related pages of Facebook.

13-Your mental hardness, problem solving, situation handling, analytical, quantitative and qualitative resonating skills are also very important for your success in clearing the preliminary, Psychological and ISSB tests. During your studies try to empahsize on the subjects Islamic Studies, Urdu, Science, Mathematics, English and Pakistan or Social Studies.

14-We can not guarantee that by acting upon the above given tips, you will certainly be able to join Pak Navy, but we assure you that the above given strategy will make you momentum and if you will continue this routine then you will certainly be able to get a reasonable job of a gazetted officer as we know that Almighty Allah gives the reward to all those people who work hard in any field. So it is impossible that you will not be rewarded. So please don’t break your momentum of studies and continue your struggle as their will be lot more options for you in future like CSS, PMS, PCS, SSC (Short Service Course), Civilian Jobs in Pakistan Navy.

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How To Join Pak Army? Super Tips

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