How To Make Money Through in Pakistan? Tips For Beginners

How To Make Money Online with Tumblr in Pakistan? Super Tips about All Methods
Do you have a personal account on Do you know that you can make handsome amount of money through your Tumblr account as well? This might be surprising for some of the people but this is the reality! You can easily get a chance to make money on this social media platform by means of ad revenue or even in terms of boosting the profits of small business. If we talk about the methods of making money, they are categorized into so many options for your account of Tumblr.



Stay Active & More Engaging
Now as you have finally set up your blog on the, you need to make sure that your tone and look of the blog is suitable for the visitors of all age groups. But now you have to stay updated with the posts as well. You have to stay connected and active for your audience and make sure that the content is too much engaging. You have to stay consistent and regular with your posts updating. It has suggested staying updated with the content at least 5 times in a week in case if your blog is newly created.


How To Make Money Through in Pakistan? Tips For Beginners

How To Make Money Through in Pakistan? Tips For Beginners


In the starting, it is important to follow some of the brands or the people whom you have been calling yourself as an inspiration on the Tumblr. You should give a check at their posting schedule and how many times in a week they are active much. Tumblr is basically identified as being a visual medium. You can even look for some blogs which is heavily designed with some images, GIFs or some texts with colorful backgrounds.



Using Keywords or Tags
You can help out the user to search you from the Tumblr through the use of hashtags, keywords or tags. This will be best for the users to search you and visit your profile. This is for the reason that the first 20 tags which you will be adding on the blog post will straight away be visible at the Tumblr. In this way, if the searcher has been trying to find your on Tumblr, they just have to mention the tag or the keyword. These tags can also play a major role for increasing your new followers.



Monetization of Ads
Now as you have finally felt that you have created the best account of Tumblr which is appealing for the visitors, the next thing which you need to be conscious about is the monetization. You can easily think about monetizing your account through the use of ads with the Google Adsense, as well as Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads, or with the help of Infolinks. You can also get yourself connected with the company who has been offering such kind of services. You just need to start the account with that specific service which you have selected and start with the blog Tumblr monetization.



Affiliate Links & Sponsorship
Besides letting the ads to stay on your account of Tumblr, another best way to earn money through the Tumblr is with the help of adding some affiliate links. You can get yourself connected with some Amazon Associate programs and add the link of Amazon right into your Tumblr. As the visitors will click on your blog, you will be earning money through the Amazon.



Monetizing all through the affiliate links can eventually work best if in case your account of has been connected with some product based account. This can be either the fashion account or some beauty product account. If you are not willing to use Amazon, then using ShareASale is yet another best platform which works like Amazon.



Sponsored Posts
Sponsored posts can even be taken as another best way with the help of which you can make money easily. You do have the option in which you can add some of the links into the images as the caption which might be reappearing into the users posts all the time. This will enable the user to grab some high traffic on their account.



Associate with Shop, or Business, & Blog or Any YouTube Channel
Some of the people are even using the Tumblr platform for supporting their large or small scale business platforms. You can straight away link your business into the left rail of the Tumblr blog and even add it with the links of your social media accounts well. You do have the option in which you can embed the videos of YouTube on the account get your account to be enabled with the ad monetization.



As you feel that your post content has been getting massive notes and you are getting high followers growth as well, then you can simply monetize the ads on your page of Facebook business. You are freely allowed to easily promote your own e-book or any other sort of product through the medium of Tumblr.



Selling Your Expertise
Lastly we have the option in which we will be suggesting you to sell the expertise! But make sure you are best in it. You have to first of all learn some basics of selling the expertise products on the Tumblr platform. If you do feel that your account has been increasingly popular and it has already acquire the massive growth of the followers, then you can easily get yourself connected with some consultant company to pick the best services of the expertise selling.



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So these have been few basic and important guidelines which you can probably follow for earning handsome money on Tumblr account of social media. It is quite easy and simple to perform which you can make it happen by learning few basic tricks.
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