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How to Earn Money with Whatsapp in Pakistan? Tips 2024 For Beginners 

How to Earn Money From Whatsapp in Year 2024? Tips & Tricks on All Methods For Beginners 
For some of the people getting into the world of social media i.e. Facebook, or Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp and so many more are just the world of entertainment. But somehow very few people know the fact that you can even use the social media platforms for the money making scenario as well. As you wake up the major thing you do in morning is checking out the social media accounts one by one to get update with the latest posts and news. Now on most of your social media accounts, you might have noticed that you have come about with the huge engagement of the users that are growing with each single year. But the only question which probably hit so many minds is that what the main purpose of such a growth is!



Right here we have compiled the interesting and easiest method with the help of which you will be able to easily make money from the Whatsapp in Pakistan. Let’s have a look on all methods about how to earn money with whatsapp in Pakistan!


How to Earn Money with Whatsapp in Pakistan? Tips 2024 For Beginners



How to Earn Money with Whatsapp? Ultimate Guide


Affiliate Marketing

This has been probably one of the easiest and best methods which will let you earn handsome amount of money as a beginner. This method of affiliate marketing will be letting you to make handsome money from the Whatsapp social media platform as a beginner. As we talk about the affiliate marketing, then it is basically concerned with the process in which you can let various products to be promoted on your Whatsapp account right from your company. This is the main reason that today it has probably become one of the most effective and vulnerable methods for making money.



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In case you are in a want to hence make handsome money, then you just need to make sure that you are already selling high number of different products as well. As many products you will be selling, the more chances you will be gaining to earn the commission from each product.



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Amazon is probably the ideal example out of the affiliate marketing. Amazon is the platform out of where you will be able to earn maximum commission by selling large number of products. Hence it is the easiest approach of making the money. In the same way we will be suggesting you with the voice app option which is another best option to hence make money online. In the scenario of affiliate marketing, your whole commission will be depending on the number of total products which you are selling.



Use of Referral Programme

Another most important method with which you can make money online is through the referral programme. This process of referral marketing will be letting the user to promote their products in minor words. You can use the references that are exceptional but some of the big businesses can also influence it all through the use of suitable strategies. You can even use some amazing apps who offer the best re-programs. Hence you can let it get signed it by your friends, and make money.



Use of URL Shortening Service

Well for me having the URL based service is probably one of the easiest methods with the help of which you can make money without any hassle. This method can be followed upon through some money form of apps or yet any sort of instant messaging application. You can even get some paid URLs that are also available on the platform of internet in which we have Short Shortest.



URL is basically known as the form of short service which will be letting the users to hence reduce any sort of link to various web portals by means of using the website of their own. As on each single click, you will be able to make handsome money which will be given or paid to user with which they can get some new links for their links. This is how the money will be earned.



Viral Content

You will probably be finding millions of different websites on internet which are offering viral ads content and articles. One best way with which you can make some money online is by sharing some viral and useful content which you can share with all your inside contacts on the account of Whatsapp. If you are using this method, then probably you can choose using least of the paid services in which we have Shorts. Short service web-based service which will be letting the users to hence reduce any sort of link to various web portals by means of using the website of their own! As on each single click, you will be able to make handsome money which will be given or paid to user with which they can get some new links for their links.


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Promoting Different Applications

This is another unique ways of making money in which you have to promote your applications on the Whatsapp. This is quite unique and a big chance to let the users know about the launch of some new applications around them. You can even use some apps which will offer you with the recharge as you will be promoting them.


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Business Promotion

If you have a business, you can create a WhatsApp Business account & can use it to communicate with your customers for providing customer support & sharing updates about your products or services. This can help you generate sales & revenue for your business.


Online Courses & Coaching

If you are knowledgeable in a particular subject or have a skill that you can teach then you can use WhatsApp to offer online courses or coaching services. You can charge a fee for your expertise.




You can use WhatsApp to communicate with clients if you are a freelancer. Many freelancers use WhatsApp for project discussions & updates with their clients, leading to paid opportunities.



If you are an expert in a specific field then you can offer consulting services to businesses or individuals through WhatsApp. You can charge for your time & costly advice.



Content Sharing & Monetization

If you create content like videos, articles or other digital media, you can share it with your WhatsApp contacts. You can monetize this content through platforms like YouTube, blogging or by selling digital products.



Marketplace & Selling Products

You can create a WhatsApp group or broadcast list to promote products you want to sell. WhatsApp can serve as a communication channel between you & potential buyers.

Online Surveys and Market Research: Participate in online surveys & market research studies that pay for your input. Some organizations may send surveys via WhatsApp.


Freemium Services

Offer free content or services on WhatsApp & monetize by offering premium, exclusive content or services to a select group of subscribers for a fee.



Donations & Crowdfunding

If you have a cause or project you’re passionate about, you can use WhatsApp to spread awareness & solicit donations or crowdfund for your initiatives.




Well above all there have been so many more ways which are available for you to make handsome amount of money by using the platform of Whatsapp. None of the methods are tricky and uneasy to follow. You can easily get an idea about it as you will start using it one by one. You can even get in touch with some professionals who have already experienced these methods and have gained an ultimate benefit out of it. In case if you are happy with the information given above about how to earn money with whatsapp given the read following posts too on work from home options;


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