How To Make Notes For Competitive Exams (CSS & PMS)? 25 Super Tips

Learn How To Make Effective Notes For Competitive Exams Like CSS, PCS & PMS? 25 Super Tips
Writing requires more attention than reading. Making notes helps in making the subject a part of long-term memory. Effective notes enable fast revision before exams. Specially in competitive exams like CSS, PMS and PCS students have to read lot of books on each subject, which a person can not revise before the exam. So making notes is the best solution of this problem. In this post we shall discuss that how to make notes for competitive exams like CSS, PCS and PMS. Here are 25 super tips for you.

How To Take Notes  For Effective Studying Р25 Super Tips

1-Start with selecting the best matter. Condense it. Organize it logically and note it. Remember

2-Start making your notes during your first reading.

3-Allocate a thick register for your notes and make its different parts for different subjects.

4-You must make your notes in outline format. It will save your time and revision will become easy for you.

5-Dedicate one to two page maximum for each topic. Write the name of topic in bold letters at the top of the page. Write key points and give them numbers.

6-Note down 2 to 3 best definitions about the topic from reference books.

7-Make heading about each topic and under each heading write sub headings and key points.

8-Explain the each technical term in your notes about each topic.

9-Draw figures and graphs, as these flow sheets and diagrams impress the paper checker. Also explain the flow charts and graphs. Illustrations always make understanding easy.

10-Add new key points after attending lecture on any specific topic.

11-Prepare your notes after studying at least 2 books on the same topic and keep on revising your notes after studying more new books on the same topic. This will save your time near the exams and you will not have to search/read all reference books.

12-Never start the second page on the same page.


How To Make Notes For Competitive Exams (CSS & PMS)? 25 Super Tips

13-Write the name of subject too at the top of each page. In case of using loose pages write page number on each page and staple the pages of each subject separately.

14-You must have a second copy of your notes. Either keep photocopy of your notes or scan them and save in your computer.

15-Your notes should be precise and to the point. Avoid unnecessary details.

16-Try to write in bullets.

17-Always write in your own words as this practice will improve your writing skills.

18-Review your notes and try to improve them. You may also publish your notes in form of book after exams.

19-Your handwriting should be legible at least for yourself.

20-Although it is suggested that one should not lend his/her study material with others but i do not agree with approach.

21-Try to write maximum quotations and references on each topic. It will certainly show your research.

22-Do not become a copy cat. Just get basic ideas from the study material of your friends.

23-Your language should be simple and easy to understand.

24-The subject matter could also be broken into sections, sub sections and still further.

25-Underline the important points or use highlighter for this purpose.

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