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Life has become very fast now a days and we can not compete our competitors without learning the time management techniques.  We are sharing twenty time tested and super tips with you about time management.

time management tips                                                     LEARN TIME MANAGEMENT

1-Make a schedule for next days activities on night the before that day. Write high priority tasks at the top of the list and first perform that tasks. Remember that the time you wasted in planning is not the the wasted time.

2-Review your whole days activities in the evening and analyze that how much time you could save for some result oriented activities and make your next day tasks list accordingly. This work audit will increase your efficiency.

3-Remember that to err is human, to admit it, superhuman. So don’t blame others for your in efficiency during the work and try to improve yourself rather criticizing and blaming others.

4-Avoid non productive talks and activities even read the news paper or online news in the evening.

5-Learn to say “no” to all the persons seeking to meet you during your work time.

6-Take full night sleep as it will increase your work potential.

7-Don’t allow any one to disturb you while working except in case of any emergency.

8-Take your work as your duty and do it with full interest as if you will do any thing half heart-idly it will be impossible for you to complete it in time.

9-You can not do the month’s work in a day so make a workable and practical weekly and daily schedule.

10-Avoid using social networking sites at the work time unless you use them to promote your business.

11-Will you believe that 15 minutes sleep during the lunch break or tea break can charge your battery for the remaining day.

12-If your today’s performance was better than yesterday but was not 100 percent according to your plan, still your day was successful.

13-Weekend audit can make your next week more productive. So determine whether you have got your desired result in the past week, if not, what was missing? How do you can mange to get better results in the coming week.

14-Focus on one task at a time and don’t start so many projects/task at a time. It will not allow you to focus on even one project or task. Remember that quality matters more than quantity.

15-Remove every thing from your surrounding that don’t allow you to concentrate on your work as concentration is key of time management. You ca complete a task easily in time if you do it with full concentration.

16-Don’t do unimportant thing or the things which others can do better than you.

17-Don’t check your sms, email account, Face book or twitter account so often.

18-Take reasonable break fast before going to work. Over eating in lunch can affect your efficiency so take light lunch.

19-First four hours of the day are very important due to high energy and fresh mind so spend this time on your most important tasks of the day.

20-Muslims should not leave any prayer of the day as the  timing of our prayers are very significant. Prayers make you fresh for the remaining day. Your efficiency level will definitely will improve. If you are a non Muslim than take 10 minutes exercise at the time of lunch break and 5 minute exercise at the time of tea break. You will be convinced that the timing of Muslim’s prayers are very significant as far as time management is concerned.

Stay in touch with your own website and its face book page for useful tips about time management and self help. You are also welcome to ask any question about time management Students can read our article about time management techniques for students too.


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