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As a national we people are leading aimless life. We have lost our destination. Students are studying just for the sake of degrees and youth is striving to get 5 to 9 job. The whole society has forget that being human beings and super creature of Almighty Allah we have some responsibilities. We have not sent to earth just for making money. It is the duty of parents and teachers to guide the upcoming generation about the cause of their creation.


The ultimate aim of all the Muslim should be to become the useful citizen of the society. Nobody is asking you not to earn money but think that how much money you need. Earn money but spend the extra money for the betterment of humanity. Humanity is suffering every where but we have become selfish and greedy. If you don’t have enough money then still you can serve the humanity with your services. A lawyer can take 10 to 20 % free cases in the year. The famous lawyer SM.Zafar take 10 percent free cases every year.

A doctor can reserve one day in a week or month for poor patients. A professor can teach 10 to 20 percent students free of cost. An intelligent student can help his academically weak class fellows. Youth can say no to dowry and lavish expenditures on marriages. But it will take some time as changing the materialistic mindset of people is not an easy task. But you can pursue people which is also a noble act and responsibility of every Muslim.


Quran Asan Tehrik is publishing colored translations of Holy Quran through which you can easily understand the meaning of each and every word of Holy Quran. Its life membership fee is about 10000 you can become its member for bringing some positive changes in the society. Akhuwat provides up to 30000 rupees interest free loans to unemployed youth, you may donate them 30000 rupees and your money will be remain in circle for ever.

MY AIM IN LIFE-BEDAR PAKISTAN-DR NIAZ AHMAD                                                               MY AIM IN LIFE

Dr Niaz Ahmad Khan chairman Bedar Pakistan has presented an economic plan through which we can change the fate of our country in just on month. But rulers are not listening him, you can join his movement. Dr Zakir Naik is striving to spread Islam and due to his efforts more than 60000 non Muslims have accept Islam. Western world is so much scared of him that BBC has refused to sell him time even on the offer of double payment. You people can introduce him and his website to non Muslims by sending them emails and participating in forums. It is our religious obligation to preach Islam.



Haroon Yahya has is a Turkish Muslim scientist who have proved scientifically that evolution theory was wrong and the universe was created by a divine power i.e Almighty Allah he has also proved that matter does not exist at all. It is a difficult topic but his books in Urdu are available in market. Non believers are also very afraid of his research. You may spread his message too. Kindly come out of the artificial and hollow aim less life and join hands with such peoples who are striving to please their Creator.

Visit websites of above mentioned organizations and individuals and see what can you do them. We have written an article on Bedar Pakistan and in future inshallah, we shall write articles on other positive movements and individuals too. So the main thing is that you must have some type of positive aim in your life. It does not matter at all that you have enough money or not as i have cleared above that there are number of ways to help others and to do some thing positive  without having any money.

Positive aim in life will give you mental and inner satisfaction. I can assure you as per my belief that if you will come towards positivity, your materialistic needs will also be fulfilled by Almighty Allah. He never leave the person alone who come to his path. You must not die without doing some thing beneficial for humanity and Islam. According to my humble opinion this should be your ultimate aim in life. Last but not least take your studies as your religious obligation rather taking it as a tool of getting some job. This will improve your efficiency and increase your accounts of good deeds. Stay blessed and remain touch with your own website for making your life more meaningful.

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