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How to Prepare KPK ETEA MCAT & ECAT Entry Tests

10 Super Tips For  KPK ETEA MCAT & ECAT Entry Tests Preparation
Many students are sending us queries about how to prepare KPK ETEA MCAT & ECAT entry tests. UHS publishes MCAT syllabus every year for MCAT entry test in Punjab. But KPK ETEA has clearly mentioned on their website that ETEA has not published any book or syllabus for entrance tests but still some website are playing with the future of students by publishing fake sample papers. Being senior lawyer of High Court, i am thinking to sue these so-called educational websites who are misguiding the students just for the sake of money. I warn all such websites that now a well wishers of students is in the field and he knows well, how to deal with such rouge elements.

How to Prepare KPK ETEA MCAT & ECAT Entry Tests

How to Prepare KPK ETEA MCAT & ECAT Entry Tests

Ten Super Tips For  KPK ETEA MCAT & ECAT Entry Tests Preparation

Dear students;  as i have informed you that KPK ETEA has not published any model or sample paper for ECAT and MCAT entrance tests so you have just one option and that is to concentrate on your text books. I shall share some ten super tips with you about how to prepare KPK ETEA MACAT & ECAT entry tests in this post.

1-Improve your English vocabulary and grammar. Daily learn by heart at least 50 to 100 new words as per your capacity of learning.

2-As entrance test is of MCQ type which can confuse you the only way to avoid confusion and selecting the right option is to understand the basic concepts of all science subjects.

3-After that you can buy objective key books of your all science subjects if you have already not bought them. Make a plan by and try to cover the objective books within the planned timetable. Then revise them at least for twice.

4-Then prepare the objective questions from past papers. Don’t forget to clear your concepts about the subjective questions of past papers too.
ETEA has no collaboration with any academy or coaching center so don’t trust on any such claim by anybody.

5-If you cannot buy the objective questions books then prepare the objective questions given in the book at the end of each chapter and at the end of book.

6-Definitions are very important so prepare them too.

7-You must have good command over scientific formulas,equations and numerical.

8-Although practicals have no apparent connection with entry test still the objective questions given at the end of each practical are important. Revise them too.

9-Subjective questions give at the end of each chapter give you guess about important topic in the chapter. So clear your concepts about those questions too.

10-Somebody asked me, I appeared in FSc from federal board but i have domicile of KPK now i should follow the federal board syllabus or KPK syllabus  which i have not read and how i can prepare the whole KPK syllabus in a short period of time”. My answer was very obvious that Newton’s law of motion, Ohm’s law, Dalton’s atomic theory, Neil Bohr’ s atomic model, Mandel’s law of segregation, Darwin’s theory of evolution, English grammar, Mathematical formulas and in short basic questions and concepts are same of science subjects in all the provinces.  There might be some additional questions in different provinces. So such candidates will not have to prepare the whole books. Just prepare the additional questions after preparing the common ones. The additional questions or topics will not be more than a dozen in each book. But of course English is syllabus is different so revise its vocabulary and summaries.

Feel free to contact us for further guidance. By the grace of Almighty Allah our response response time and rate is better than any other website. Drop the query in the comment box below this post and feel the difference. Don’t forget to visit our ECAT and MCAT categories. Stay in touch with us if you want to read some thing awesome daily.

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