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How To Prepare The Compulsory Subjects Of CSS

How To Clear The Compulsory Papers Of CSS? Super Tips
In this article we shall discuss that how to prepare the compulsory subjects of CSS exam. We shall share some great tips with your about the preparation of compulsory subjects of CSS. In CSS there are following compulsory subjects.
Islamic Studies
English Essay
Every Day Science
Pakistan Affairs
Current Affairs
English Precis & Composition


Never take any paper easy in CSS exam. Ignoring any of the compulsory subject of CSS may cause a great harm to you. Here are some super tips for each compulsory subject of CSS.



You must take the Islamic Studies paper seriously as majority of students rely on their previous knowledge in this paper. Many students fail in Islamic Studies paper due to this wrong strategy. You are going to appear in a competitive exam where you need to write different and unique matter from others. A deep study of Islamic studies is also required. Just basic knowledge about the fundamentals of Islam is not enough for competing the cream of society. You must learn by heart quotes and Quranic verses and hadiths about all the important topics of CSS syllabus. Although you can attempt the Islamic Studies paper in Urdu too but it is not recommended as you need to practice writing in English.



Majority of students fail in this paper due to lack of proper guidance.There is no short cut at all for attempting English Essay paper but of course we can share some tips.For writing a great essay you need two basic things i.e 1-Good English Grammar and vocabulary 2-Knowledge about different topics.



So first try to improve your English Grammar and vocabulary. For English grammar i always recommend to start from 10th class book and then inter and graduation level English B books. For improving your vocabulary and general knowledge read all the essays of 10 years past papers. Here by reading i mean quality reading. Make a register for writing new words. Make sentences of all these words in your rough copy. Make a register for writing a key points of different essays. After reading 2 to 3 essays on the same topic write your own essay on that topic.You must write at least one essay daily. Change your reading and TV watching habits completely. Read English newspapers/books and watch English news channels and movies.




How To Prepare The Compulsory Subjects Of CSS

Just like Islamic Studies many students think that they have studied Paksitan Studies up to graduation level and their previous knowledge is enough for CSS. Students who have studied Indo Pak History in FA and BA will defeat you in this paper easily due to their better knowledge. But students who opt Indo Pak History as an optional Subject in CSS can compete such students. That’s why majority of students opt this subject in CSS. I also recommend you take Indo Pak History as an optional subject or at least prepare this paper from the BA level books of Indo Pak History.



Understanding the concepts is the most important thing in this paper. Arts students are advised to clear there basic concepts from the Matric and Inter level books of Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Computer Science. Science students should not just rely on their previous knowledge, just like arts students they should concentrate on previous papers and CSS syllabus too.



Preparation strategy for this subject is almost similar to English essay paper. You should not only read daily newspapers but also current affairs magazines. Specially you should read the columns in newspapers. No single book can be suggested for this paper. Till you exam you must stay in touch with the local and international current affairs. In this paper even past papers can not help you a lot.



Practice is key to success in this paper. Improve your creative writing skills. Take the help of past papers. Attempt at least 10 years past papers. Improve your English grammar (Direct Indirect, active voice passive voice, idioms, pairs of words, correction of sentences etc). Remember that your command on English language will be tested in this paper.
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