PPSC conducts the PMS and Combined Competitive exams. There are two papers of English in PMS exam i.e English Essay and English General. In this Article we shall discuss the preparation strategy for both English papers of PMS and Combined Competitive Exams. Lets discuss them one by one.

English Essay
English Essay is considered the most difficult subject in PMS/Combined Competitive Exams which is a wrong concept as it is connected with 2 other papers i.e English General and and General knowledge. As you can not guess that on which topic, you will have to write an essay so the only solution left for preparation of this paper is to improve your general knowledge and English grammar. Through the combination of good grammar/vocabulary, general knowledge and creative writing skill you can write essay on any topic.

Usually one  essay related to current affairs is asked in English essay paper, so stay in touch with the present local and global scenario. Write an essay daily on any current affair related issue or on on topic from past papers of PMS. Read essays from past papers for gathering ideas. If you don’t have enough information about any important topic, then in spite of remembering it by heart, read 2 to 3 essays on the same topic from different books and then using the ideas gathered from those essays, write essay in your own words.


English General
Precis writing is the main question of this part. Precis writing is an art. We shall soon write an article on it. At present, i can tell you, that first try to find out the key words and key ideas from the given paragraphs and then write write the summary of paragraph in your own simple words. Without having strong vocabulary, it is difficult to write an accurate precis. Following questions may also be asked in English general paper.

Fill in the blanks with appropriate preposition.
Learn and practice the rules of preposition to attempt this question.

Pair of words
You will have to write sentences to clear the difference between different pair of words.

Idioms & phrases.
You will have to write such sentences which clearly show the the meaning of the idioms.phrases. First prepare the idioms, pair of words and phrases from past papers of CSS, PMS, Combined Competitive Exams and PCS then consult the graduation level book for further preparation.

Translation from Urdu to English and English to Urdu.
Improve your vocabulary and grammar for attempting these questions.

Correction of sentences.
Try to understand the correction rules and practice as much as you can.

Paragraph writing.
Paragraph means a brief to the point essay. Try to write a short paragraph daily on any topic from past papers to master this art.

Spelling correction
Learn basic spelling rules and use of vowels and consonants.

Active voice/passive voice and direct indirect etc
Here too you will have to learn the basic rules of active vice/passive voice and direct indirect. But remember that practice makes a man perfect so implement these rules in your paragraph and essay writing practice.

PPSC can change the pattern of PMS exam without any prior notice but the key to go through the English Papers lies in to strong grammatical skill and vocabulary. So if you have time then try to master the grammar rules from high school to Master level. And change your daily routines too e.g read English news papers in-spite of local ones. Watch English news channels and movies rather then in Urdu or Hindi.

Visit English and educational websites. Try to speak English as much as you can with your friends and family members. And attempt your papers in intermediate and bachelor in English.  After your full preparation leave the result on Almighty Allah as some flowers grow best in sun, others do well in shadow, God knows , what is best for us and how best we grow. You are welcome to ask any question about PMS exam preparation strategy. Stay in touch with your own website and its face book page for guidance about preparation of all competitive exam like PMS, Combined Competitive Exams, CSS and PCS  .

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