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Chinese Proficiency Test HSK 2 Guide For Beginners, Pattern, Tips, Form, Result

All About HSK Level 2 Test in Pakistan, Introduction, Format, Structure, Apply Online & Result
If one will successfully pass this HSK 2 test, then he or she can communicate in the simple and extreme basic Chinese language on a routine and day to day basis. Here is the complete pattern, structure and format of this test, check out the details:

HSK Level 1-HSK 2

Chinese Proficiency Test HSK 2 Guide For Beginners, Pattern, Tips, Form, Result


Test Target of HSK 2
Passing this specific test, it means you will learn the 300 commonly used Chinese words and phrases. This is advanced level of HSK 1 and you can only appear in this HSK level 2 mode assessment if you have passed the previous one.

Test Content Made for HSK 2
The HSK 2 test is composed of reading comprehension section and listening comprehension section.

4 sections are the part of listening section. Total 35 questions are the part of this section. 25 minutes is the total duration to attempt this section.

Then same way, 4 sections make up the reading section. You will get total 25 questions. The time duration to solve this section, it is 22 minutes.

Listening Comprehension Content for HSK 2
Part 1 has 10 items. You need to make true or a false judgment on the basis of sentences and pictures which you will be given.
Part 2 is also composed of 10 items. You have to select and choose the appropriate answer on the basis of dialogues and pictures which you will be provided with!

Part 3 is mainly and generally composed of 10 items. You will be given with three possible answers for every question and you have to pick the right answer.

Then part 4 is made of 5 items. Every item or question will be composed of 4 to 5 sentence dialogues. You have to read the question carefully and then pick out the correct dialogue.

Reading Comprehension Content for HSK 2 Test
The part 1 consist of 5 items and questions. For every question, you will get a statement and on the test paper you will be given many pictures. You have to choose the picture which goes well with the question statement.

Part 2 comprise of 5 items. You will get one sentence or two sentences for every question. And a word will be missing in that sentence, you have to fill that up missing section.

Part 3 will also be composed and made of 5 items. You will get two statements for every item. You have to pass this judgment that whether the second sentence is in relation to the first sentence or not.

Part 4 comprises 10 items. You will get 20 sentences and you have to find the correlation between those sentences.

Result Certificate Details for HSK Level 2 Test
Total marks of this test, they are 200. Every section consist of 100 marks each and you should be acquiring 120 marks. If you pass in this test, then its score will remain valid for two years.

If you still wants to explore more info on this test assessment which is HSK 2, then keep connected and in touch with us. Appear in this exam assessment and share the scores with us.

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Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) Guide For Pakistani Students