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HSK Level 1 Introduction, Format, Benefits, Tips, Result, Form

Every Thing You Need To Know About HSK Level 1 Test, Intro, Pattern, Structure
HSK Level 1 is the A1 level of this Common European Framework of Reference which is also known as CEF. If you pass this HSK Level 1, then you can understand and be able to use the simple Chinese language phrases. If you want to meet and fulfill your everyday Chinese language communication needs, then do pass the level 1 of this assessment.

HSK Level 1

HSK Level 1 Introduction, Format, Benefits, Tips, Result, Form

HSK Level 1 Test

Test Target for HSK Level 1
This HSK Level 1 test target is that you will understand 150 commonly used Chinese words and phrases and you will also know about the basic grammar patterns.

Test Content Made for HSK Level 1
This HSK Level 1 test mainly comprise of 40 items. You will be marked on listening skills, reading skills and comprehension skills.
The listening section has total 4 sections. 5 questions will be asked from every single section. There will be total 20 questions and 15 minutes is the total duration.

Then comes the reading section, total 4 parts are packed in this section. From every section, 5 each questions will come. It means this section carries total 20 questions and 17 minutes is the total duration.

The listening comprehension section, you will get the 3 minutes duration and you need to mark your answers on the answer sheet.
The total duration of this assessment is about 40 minutes.

Listening Comprehension Section Part of HSK Level 1
From the part 1, you will get 5 items. The recording of every single item will be played for two times. From every item, you will be given a phrase and a picture. You only need to make a true or false judgment.

Then from the part 2, you will get a sentence and also three pictures for every single question. You need to choose the corresponding pictures on the basis of what you hear!

Then we have the part 3, you will get the dialogue as well as lots of pictures from all five questions and items. It is required from the test taker that he has to choose any of the corresponding images and pictures.

In the part 5, you will be given three statements. You need to choose the correct statement out of these three statements.

Reading Comprehension Section for This HSK Level 1
In the Part 1, every item will have a phrase and a picture. You need to judge and come up with the answer that whether these phrases and pictures go with each other or not.

Then from the part 2, you will be displayed with lots of pictures. Then a sentence statement will be given to you for every item. You have to decide that which picture goes with which statement!
Then we have part 3, in this section, you will get the 5 questions and you will also get the 5 answers. You need to match the questions with the correct answer.

Then in the part 5, you will get questions having statements and sentences. There will be some words missing in those sentences. You need to add appropriate words in those sentences.

Total Marks of HSK Level 1
You will get all in total three results. In this level 1 test, you have to score at least 120. The maximum score for the listening section, it is 100. For reading section, the maximum score is 100. It means this test total score is 200. This test score remain valid for almost two years.

There is more to come from this HSK Level 1 test section, so keep in touch.

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