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Increase Your General Knowledge About Great Britain, Fascinating Facts

Improve Your GK (General Knowledge About GB (Great Britain), Interesting Information
If you have interest in Great Britain then read our following post for improving your general knowledge about United Kingdom. Hopefully you will like our this post, soon more informative articles on UK and GB will also be published on, so visit our GK & MCQs category daily.


1-UK conducted its first atomic test in 1952 at Australia. Through Operation Hurricane Great Britain became the third nuclear state of the world after USA and USSR.

2-Great Britain is the permanent member of United Nations security council and it has also veto power.

3-English is the de facto official language of UK as about 60% of its people speak English. Earlier French had been remained the official language of this country for 300 years.

4-Egyptian President Gamal Nasser nationalized the Suez canal in 1956 from France and Great Britain. France and United Kingdom attacked Egypt with the help of Israel and tried to recapture Suez canal. Due to nuclear threat from former USSR Anglo French and Israel were forced to withdraw their forces from Egypt.Suez crisis proved that UK and France has lost their influence as world power.

5-Great Britain joined the European Communities (EC) on 1st January, 1973. The European Communities became European Union later on.

6-Brexit is the process through which United Kingdom is quitting from European Union. Term Brexit has been derived from the words “Britain” and “exit,”.

7- Winston Churchill served as Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1940-1945 and 1951-1955. He also successfully led the British nation in world war two. Unfortunately he lost the general election immediately after success in WW2.

8-Oxford university is the oldest university of the English speaking countries and it was founded in 1096.

9-Queen Elizabeth II has become the longest-reigning British monarch. She was ascended to the throne on 6 February, 1952.

10-Princess Diana died on 31 August, 1997 in a road tunnel traffic collision at Paris. Diana Spencer married Princess Charles on 29 July, 1981. Her divorce was confirmed on 28 August, 1996. Prince William, Prince Harry are two sons of this royal couple. Then Princess Charles married Camilla Parker in 2005.


UK (United Kingdom), Great Britain (GB)

Increase Your General Knowledge About Great Britain, Fascinating Facts


11-Once Great Britain was so large due to its colonies that it was said that sun never sets on the British Empire.

12-Michael O’Dwyer was Governor of Punjab in British Punjab during the Jallianwala Bagh massacre 1919. Udham Singh assassinated Michael O’Dwyer on 13 March, 1940 in revenge of Amritsar massacre.

13-University of Cambridge was founded in 1209. Its affiliates have won the Nobel prizes in all categories. Total 90 Nobel prizes have been won by its affiliates, its too a world record for any institution.

14-Sykes–Picot Agreement (3 January, 2016) was signed between Great Britain and France about dividing the Middle East areas of Ottoman empire after first world war. This secret treaty was against the British promises with Arabs through Lawrence of Arabia.

15-Stone Henge is a famous tourist attraction in Great Britain. It is considered older than Pyramids of Egypt.



16-Queen Elizabeth II has visited the more than 150 countries of the world without British passport. In fact she does not possess British passport as passports in UK are issued in the name of Queen.

17-United Kingdom and Great Britain are two different things as Northern Ireland is not included in Great Britain.

18-Some ancient Celtic languages are still official recognized and spoken in United Kingdom like Scottish Gaelic, Irish Gaelic, Welsh and Breton.

19-foot ball, rugby, golf, boxing and cricket are all invented in GB.
20-J.K. Rowling is the author of Harry Potter series. He is also from United Kingdom.


21-Famous four-faced clock tower Big Ben was opened on 31 May, 1859. It has 11 floors and height of 96 meters. It is located in palace of Westminster.

22-Buckingham Palace London was opened in 1705. It is in fact the residence and administrative headquarters of the British royal family.

23-England is the largest and most populous country in UK.

24-Scotland referendum was held on 18th September, 2019 and it seems that soon another referendum will also be conducted as in Brexit referendum 2016 Scottish people voted to remain with EU while rest of UK was in favor of separation from European Union.

25-Full official name of UK is United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.



26-USA is not the member of British commonwealth although it was the colony of Great Britain.

27-Country code of United Kingdom is +44 and its time zone is UTC+00:00.

28- William Gladstone was the oldest Prime Minister of UK. He left the office of PM in 1894 at the age of 84 years.

29-British East India Company was established on 31st December, 1600 and it came to an end after 274 years on 1st June, 1874.

30-Hong Kong was the last British colony which was handed over to China in 1997. You must read our follow post too on general knowledge about Great Britain;


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