Interior Designing Jobs, Career, Scope, Tips, Core Topics, Degrees & Required Skills

Interior Design Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Subjects,  Tips, Nature of Work, Core Topics, Degrees & Required Abilities 
interior designing is a subject for artistic minded students who have great aesthetic sense. You must have sense of interior design or at least an urge to learn this art for entering in this profession. A born artist can easily become an interior designer but at the same time you may learn this art too. Interior designing is all about the designing the interior of a building. There is misconception in some students that interior designing is only about the designing of homes. In fact its a wide subject and an interior designer designs the lobbies of hotels, conference halls, restaurants, offices, cinema halls, theaters, news studios, Churches, villas, five star hotels, expo centers, public buildings, assembly halls, indoor and out door drama and movie sets. Some times they also design the exterior too.

Interior Designing Jobs, Career, Scope, Tips, Core Topics, Degrees & Required Skills

Interior Designing Jobs, Career, Scope, Tips, Core Topics, Degrees & Required Skills

Required Skills in The Field of Interior Designing
1-Creative and imaginative nature is a prerequisite for all those who want to become interior designer.

2-You must have extra ordinary aesthetic sense.

3-Artistic nature persons can easily succeed in this profession.

4-A diploma or degree in related field like fine arts, home economics, architecture will ensure your success in this field.

5-Its not only a 100% field for people with natural talent as there are many techniques and tricks which a lay man can also learn very easily. Feng Shui is one of them. Fortunately majority of the people who hire the interior designer have no sense about this field. Muhammad Ali (I have not given the complete name of Muhammad Ali) was my class fellow in LLB and he left the Punjab University Law College after failure in LLB part one. Last year he met me after 10 year in a education expo. Now he is running a consultancy firm in a porch society of Lahore, He just got one year diploma in interior design. He is earning about a half a million rupees per month due to his expertise in Feng Shui. I said him, that Feng Shui is a global fraud, he said only you and i know this in Pakistan. (Hahahahaha)

6-Good observation skills is also required in this field.

7-You must have strong convincing power to ensure that your designs are the best in the market.

8-You need to remain in touch with current local and international trends of your field.

9-You must be good at economics so that you may be able to design cost effective models too.

10-Good management and leadership qualities can make your future more bright.

Interior Design Jobs, Career & Scope
Interior Designing – Employment Areas 
Entertainment TV Channel
Educational Institutes (Home Economics, Architecture and Fine Arts Colleges)
Public Works Department
News TV Channels
Corporate Offices
Cruise Ships
Architectural Firms
Five Star Hotels
Self Employment
Shopping Malls
Town Planning Department
Archaeological Department

Interior Designing – Job Types
Government Officer
Set Designer
Town Planner
Renovator of Ancient Buildings
Owner of Consultancy Firm
Feng Shui Expert
You may also find job in restaurants, churches, hotels, motels, tv studio, resorts, out door sets, cruise ships, cinema, cafes, bars, casinos, colleges, nightclubs, theaters, concert halls, schools, opera houses, banks, sports stadiums, government offices, financial institutions, gyms, industries, health clubs, business houses, film studios, shopping centers, spas and cultural centers.

Degrees in Interior Designing 
Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture is offering Bachelor of Interior Design program. NCA offers MA Interior degree in interior design for those students who have completed their 4 years professional graduation degree in architecture, design, fine arts, home economics or applied arts. BFA is the third best and most popular option for you. In this program you can go for specialization in interior design. Many other institutes are also offering short courses, diplomas and PGD in interior decoration. Experienced and people with natural talent can get 1 or 2 years diploma from SDC too.

Super Tips About The Field of Interior Design/or Interior Decoration 
1-I have no doubt in mind that a person without any professional degree but with natural talent, good communication and computer skills can easily succeed in this field after getting a little practical experience. Its one of those rare fields where your aesthetic sense matters more than your professional qualification. Such persons must get SDC diploma for satisfying their so called degree conscious clients.

2-Still i will recommend people with God gifted talent and aesthetic sense to study the current trends and history to interior decoration.

3-You must also try to improve your communication and computer skills to satisfy your clients. Learn at least complete Auto Cad.

4-Make you own website and show the samples of your work on it.

5-Internship with a famous company will also help you a lot in your future career.

6-Never start your own business without having experience as an employee.

7-In your spare time make sample models for different locations.

8-Your third eye should be open even during your dreams. Note the things very minutely. You can reach at such level only if you will make your profession your passion.

9-You must view the internationals mags but never try to copy the given designs. Just take the the main idea and develop you own unique designs. Copy cats can not stay for a long time in this profession.

10-Take part in national and international conferences and exhibitions. This activity will widen your vision.

Interior Designing  -Core Topics/Subjects/Syllabus/Curriculum
Interior Designing
Theories of Interior Designing
Professional Practice
Architecture Elements & Building Systems
Basic Interior Elements
Communication Skills
Contemporary Art in Context of Philosophy of Islamic Art
History of Art and Architecture
Islamic and Pakistani Art
Dissertation Writing and Research Methodology
Materials and Construction
Practical Project
Viva Voce

Nature of Work in Interior Designing 
1-The plan interior of new residential and commercial buildings as per the choice and instructions of their clients.

2-They renovate the old and historical buildings.

3-They teach in educational institutions.

4-First they prepare sketches, models by hand and then illustrate them with the help of computer to satisfy their clients.

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