Learn the Use of LinkedIn for Promotion of Your Career & Business in 2021 (Urdu-English)

How To Use LinkedIn Pakistan in The Year 2021? Tips in Urdu & English
Right through this blog post we will be having a quick guide about how you can use the platform of LinkedIn for your career and business promotional touch. We are going to guide you both in Urdu and English languages. We all have listened about the name of the LinkedIn, but very few people know about this platform being the best in delivering the services of the job prospects and business growth. This platform has been equally important for both the newly start up business holders or even the one who are seeking for new jobs. Through the usage of this platform, you can get yourself connected with your clients, customers or the business partners at a convenient level.


This platform has become the main want of the job seekers which is opening so many opportunities for you in terms of getting connected with the business professionals and experts. You can easily make your professional communication medium a lot stronger by getting in touch with the organizations or different companies. Till date today, around 65 million users have been using this platform and many of them have earned a huge benefit from it.


Although this platform has been defined as a platform of the social circle but still this platform will be opening so many opportunities for you from where you can get yourself connected with the marketing circle. It leaves behind some best options for you in which you can make the career strong enough for yourself. You need to add your CV with all the update skills or the abilities which you are acquiring in you.


There are no hard and fast rules which you need to follow when it comes to the making the profile of LinkedIn! Signing up is 100% free so you have to make your profile by first signing up into the platform. They do have some advanced features in their business plan as well as premium career plan service too but you have to subscribe it to avail its services first. You have to add up your profile with all the needed details and also the time schedule in which you can meet the client or get into the term of the interviews or meetings.


LinkedIn is yet a perfect platform for you from where you can get into the circle of the professionalism in the timeline of both indoor as well as outdoor prospects. You can easily get yourself connected with the marketing world without any hassle in order to earn some best options of strong career growth.



Top Ten For Using The LinkedIn Pakistan Effectively in 2021
1-You should complete your profile thoroughly. Provide the complete information about your previous work history, academic qualification, skills, experience, interests, destinations, research work, internships, current job, example of work, languages and future plans. By completing your profile you will be more visible in search of LinkedIn.


2-Contact with the professionals of your industry and accept invitations to connect.


3-Talk with the professionals of your fields on current issues related to your industry. Premium account holders can also access anyone without any previous introduction using InMail.


4-Here on LinkedIn you may also receive and give recommendations & endorsements for strengthening the profiles of each other.


5-You should also use the LinkedIn groups very effectively for contacting the top professional of your field. In these groups you can share ideas and latest news related to your field. You may also get help of industry experts in any issue through these groups. Self promotion is not allowed in these groups, so never promote products of your company.


6-Share useful information, images, URL and posts related to your industry. Here you may also share articles by using publishing platform for showcasing your skills.


7-Try to add hashtags in posts so that your content may reach to maximum users.


8-You may easily search and post jobs on LinkedIn Pakistan. Premium career account is recommended for job seekers.


9-You may also use this platform for increasing the visibility of your company or firm on internet. You should integrate your Twitter account with LinkedIn account.


10-Try to learn profession etiquette for getting maximum benefits from LinkedIn.


Last but not least you should be very selective while posting on LinkedIn. Always publish quality content as you can never know that who will see your posts. Never take LinkedIn as other social media platforms, as its a platform for professionals. A useful link has been given below for job seekers, so that they may find their dream job easily through LinkedIn. Read more LinkedIn Pakistan tips in Urdu language below in form of newspaper article;



How to Create a Job Winning LinkedIn Profile? Tips For New Users


Learn the Use of LinkedIn for Promotion of Your Career & Business in 2021 (Urdu-English)



Learn the Use of LinkedIn for Promotion of Your Career & Business in 2021 (Urdu-English)

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