Medical Imaging Technology (MID) Career, Scope, Job Nature, Degrees, Subjects & Skills

MIT Medical Imaging Technology (Medical Imaging Doctor, MID) Introduction, Career, Scope, Nature of Work, Courses, Core Topics & Skills Required

Basically Medical Imaging Technology (MIT) is a radiologic science. Medical Imaging Technologists works in labs and hospitals. They play a vital role in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. They work as an important member of the health care team. Although its the newest field in healthcare yet it has great scope.

MIT Medical Imaging Technology (Medical Imaging Doctor, MID) Career, Scope, Nature of Work, Courses, Core Topics & Skills Required

Medical Imaging Technology (MID) Career, Scope, Job Nature, Degrees, Subjects & Skills

Medical Imaging Doctor (MID)
Few years before just certificates, diplomas, BSc or BS degrees were offered in the field of medical imaging technology. But now degree of Medical Imaging Doctor (MID) has also been introduced in Pakistan. This degree has alleviated the status of Medical Imaging Technologists in the society as holders of Medical Imaging Doctor or MID degree can use the prefix of dr with their name. Now Medical Imaging Doctor or MID degree has also become one of the best alternatives of MBBS and BDS in Pakistan. Its one of the best recommended field for females too. Its a 100% professional degree which will secure your future Inshaa Allah.

MIT Nature of Work
1-Medical imaging doctor takes the X-ray of patients as per the request of doctors and surgeons. He/She also interprets or explains the situation of patient in their expert report.
2-They also provide the basic patient care in hospitals.
3-They assist the surgeons during major surgeries.
4-They assessing the technical quality of the images of different kinds,
5-They maintain the equipment with the help of bio-medical experts.
6-They suggest the best imaging technique to medical practitioner for the diagnosis of any specific disease.
7-They guide the patients about the preparation of any radiation process and address their related concerns.
8-They make sure that patient and imaging machinery is in the suitable position at the time of taking image.
9-They are responsible for the safety of patients during imaging process. They try their level best to save the patients from the side effects of radiation by controlling its length and intensity.
10-They develop and examine the X-ray films very carefully and give their expert opinion.
11-After getting post graduation degree they work as an lecturer of MID or BS classes.
12-They suggest further tests after examining the reports.
13-They train the paramedical staff in paramedical colleges and hospitals.
14-They maintain and set the recording machinery and control the exposure of radiation during different tests.
15-They organize and operate many latest imaging machines like X-ray machines, Ultrasound machine, CT Scan machine, Fluoroscopy equipment, MRI machine, Angiography equipment, Computed tomography (CT) equipment, PET scan, Mammography equipment and Nuclear Medicine, ,
16-They work in labs, private and public hospitals.

MIT Popular Degrees  
These are some most popular degrees in this field.
Medical Imaging Doctor (MID)\
B.Sc (Hons) Medical Imaging Technology MIT (4 years)
BS Medical Imaging & Ultrasonography
Medical Ultrasound Technology (B. SC-MUT)
M.SC.Medical Ultrasound Technology (M.SC.-MUT)
MS Medical Imaging Doctor (MS-MIT)

MIT Core Topics or Subjects
Just like MBBS or BDS doctors you will have to study all basic medical sciences like Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Medicine and Surgery. In addition to these you are taught Physics, principles of Bio-medical Engineering and Medical Imaging Technology (MIT) through X-Ray, CT Scan, MRI, Computed tomography (CT), PET scan, Ultrasonography, Angiography, Radiology, Nuclear medicine and Mammography.

MIT Jobs, Career & Scope
Diagnostic Radiology Labs
Radiation Therapy Department
Cancer Hospitals
Lab Owner
Nuclear Medicine Field
Medical Research Labs & Journals
Medical Equipment Making & Services Industry
Bio-medical Engineering Firms
Nuclear Research Laboratories
MIT (Medical Imaging Technology) Colleges & Universities
Medical Imaging Equipment Maintenance Department
Radiology Department
Large number of experts of MIT have migrated to Middle East and European countries due to great scope in these countries.

MIT Required Abilities 
Interest in Nuclear Physics, life sciences & Radiation.
Urge to ad the prefix of Dr with your name.
Love to work with patients and as a member of healthcare team.
Research and technically oriented persons.
Ability to assist the seniors and guide the juniors.
People with kind heart and mission in life.
Those who want to earn money as entrepreneur. One time large investment in this field can make you a millionaire.

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