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Molecular Biology Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Tips, Degrees & Required Skills

Molecular Biology or Cell Biology Introduction, Jobs, Career, Scope, Super Tips, Degrees & Required Abilities  
Molecular Biology is one of the emerging sciences. Molecular biology is a branch of biology. We study biological activities at the molecular and cell level. Some scientist believe that Molecular Biology and Cell Biology are one and same things, Many other scientists differ with this point of view. I also agree with the second group of scientists.  This field has close connection with following branches of science;

Molecular Biology or Cell Biology Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Tips, Degrees & Required Skills


Molecular Biology Definition, Jobs, Career, Scope, Tips, Degrees & Required Skills

Cell biology
Developmental biology
Computational biology
Food Technology
Evolutionary biology
Bio-medical Engineering

You may also get job in fields related to all above branches of science. All organisms are made of cells. Cells are the basic unit of life but molecules and atoms are the basic unit of cells. Biologists are now try to reach at molecular level to discover the treatment of inherited diseases.

Now a days lot of research is being carried out in the fields of molecular medicine and gene therapy. Scientists are discovering and inventing magical medicines for the treatment of inherited diseases. Experts of molecular biology are doing all this research in high tech labs. If you guys have interest in most modern scientific research for serving the humanity then its the right field for you. Molecular Biology is also very helpful in the field of agriculture. Future of humanity on earth depends on the research in this field.

Molecular Biology Jobs, Career & Scope
Lab technician
Multiple faculty positions like teacher or lecturer
Research scholar
Molecular or cell biologist
Scientific writer
Marine biologist
Science journalist
Lab manager
Jobs in agricultural feedstock and chemicals field
†Jobs in drugs and pharmaceuticals industry
Entry level jobs in† medical equipment manufacturing industry
†Genetic counselor
Academic books writer
Veterinary medicine researcher
Wild life manager
Molecular biologists
Jobs in Bio-space field
Jobs in biotechnology industry
Research assistant jobs in research, testing & medical labs
Clinical researcher
Jobs in nontraditional field

Recommended Degrees & Tips
Your GPA must be above 3.3 for better career opportunities. Its a research based high tech field, so you must try to get maximum higher degree. Minimum recommended degree is BS for entry level jobs in advanced labs. But if you want to join academia the MS is minimum recommended degree for you. Students with lab or research experience are preferred in job market and for granting admission in universities, so try to get internship during your graduation. You may also accept unpaid internship. Work experience in labs or research organizations will pay you in long run. Remember that in this field you will have to stay in touch with the latest research in all allied fields. Its also a fact that in all research based fields, scholars are given higher salary than all other fields.

Required Abilities 
Interest in Both Biology & Chemistry
Those who are willing to lead a researcher’s life
People with good communication skills for writing the results of their research
Those who want join teaching field
Innovative and critical thinkers

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