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National Council for Homeopathy Announces DHMS Result 2024 (Part 1 to 4)

NCH Islamabad Going to Declare DHMS Annual & Supplementary Exam Result 2024 (1st Year to 4th Year)

National Council for Homeopathy is a statutory body for regularizing the homeopathic medical system and homeopathic doctors in Pakistan. NCH Islamabad also conducts the annual and supplementary exams of DHMS part, 1, 2, 3 and 4. DHMS result cards are dispatched to homeopathic medical colleges and also published on official portal of NCH. This year DHMS result 2024 will be announced soon. will also publish DHMS annual and supplementary examination result 2024 on this page.


Result 2023

National Council for Homeopathy Announces DHMS Result 2024 (Part 1 to 4)


Diploma in Homeopathic Medical System is now becoming very popular program among the students in Pakistan. Its a professional medical related program, which can make you a doctor even after matriculation with science. Medium of instruction in this 4 years diploma program is both Urdu and English. It is the most recommended program for girls. For detailed career counseling about scope of DHMS in Pakistan read our following article;


DHMS Eligibility, Subjects, Career & Scope


Importance of DHMS Result 2024

Professional Credential

The DHMS is a professional diploma in the field of homoeopathy. Successful completion of the program & obtaining favorable results indicate that the individual has met the academic requirements & standards set by the NCH.


License & Practice

In many jurisdictions, having a DHMS or equivalent diploma is a prerequisite for obtaining a license to practice homeopathic medicine in Pakistan. A positive outcome in the results is necessary for individuals aspiring to become licensed homeopathic practitioners or RHMP.


Patient Confidence

Patients often seek healthcare providers with recognized qualifications. A diploma in homoeopathic medicine & surgery demonstrates a certain level of expertise in the field. Good results in the programme indicate that the individual has successfully acquired the necessary medical knowledge and clinical skills.


Continued Education or Specialization

For those who wish to pursue further education or specialize in specific areas of homeopathy, good results in the DHMS program can be a stepping stone. A strong academic foundation can open up opportunities for advanced studies or specialization in specific branches of homeopathic medicine or related fields.



Whether individuals aim to establish their own private practice or work in healthcare institutions, it is important to pass the DHMS exam with fling colors. Having a DHMS DIP with good results can enhance employability. Employers often consider academic achievements when making hiring decisions.


Professional Development

The results of the DHMS programme can be crucial for an individual’s ongoing professional development. They may use the knowledge gained during the programme to stay updated with the latest developments in homoeopathic medicine & provide high-quality care to their patients.


Ethical & Legal Compliance

In some jurisdictions, the result 2024 of the DHMS program may be required for ethical & legal compliance within the healthcare system. It ensures that practitioners adhere to the educational standards set by relevant authorities i.e national council of homeopathy.


It’s essential for individuals pursuing a DHMS to take their academic performance seriously, as it not only reflects their dedication to the field but also plays a key role in shaping their professional journey in homeopathic medicine.


DHMS Result 2024 Part 1, 2, 3 & 4

For checking your online DHMS result 2024 you just need to remember your enrollment number and roll number. You may clear your supply in supplementary exam and in annual exams of next year. Failed students in more than 2 subjects are not promoted to next year. After clearing the DHMS 4th year exam, if you feel any difficulty in opening a clinic then feel free to contact our career counseling team. Remember that our admin is also an experienced homeopathic doctor.


Passing Marks40%, 45% Aggregate
ResultAnnual & Supplementary
ExamsDHMS Part 1,2,3,4
Year 2024


Final Words

Exact date for announcement of DHMS result 2024 will be announced soon. We shall keep you informed in this regard. May you clear the DHMS exam 2024 with good marks and grade. Ameen. If you want to check your NCH Islamabad DHMS result 2024 you will have to visit following link;


Click Here To Check Your DHMS Exam Result 2024