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New Hero of Ummah & Democrats President Mohamed Morsi?

International Current Affairs –  New Hero of Muslim Ummah & Democrats President Muhammad Morsi The Great 
Today in our current affairs section we shall discuss the current political situation of Egypt. You people often ask us to write on some crucial current affairs issues, this site is our source of income too but still we shall always try to write on  the current affairs topics of our visitors choice. Egyptian cangro court has pronounced death sentences on ousted President Mohammed Morsi. This sentence has make Mohammed Morsi the hero of whole Muslim Ummah and all democrats of the world. This death sentence has also made it clear that West has double standards about democracy. It seems that West patronizes dictatorships in Muslim countries for the sake of its interests.

President Mohammed Morsi was the first ever elected President of Egypt in its 5000 years old history. He was a leader of al-Ikhwān al-Muslimun, which is an Islamic party of Egypt. Muslims all over the world can not understand that why West is not ready to tolerate even the moderate Muslim political parties which take part in political process. When in Algeria a Muslim party won the election, martial law was imposed there too. OK, Al-Qaida, Taliban and ISIS are the terrorist and extremist groups, but why even moderate Muslim parties are not bearable for West, which believe in political process and democracy. What message is being given to the Muslim youth that there is no space available for even Muslim moderate parties in politics. Is dictatorship not a crime in Muslim countries? Is democracy the basic right of Western people only? Does extremist elements will not use the example of Egypt to propagate their objectives?

Current Affairs - New Hero of Muslim Ummah & Democrats President Mohamed Morsi?

Current Affairs – New Hero of Muslim Ummah & Democrats President Muhammad Morsi?


Whole Muslim Ummah is taking Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as a traitor and last pharaoh. President Mohamed Morsi has become a new hero of Muslim Ummah and democrats. He has become the sign of peaceful resistance and struggle. Who will forget that how he welcomed the death sentence in the court. I was shocked to listen the news that 3 judges were also killed by extremists. Why world is putting al-Ikhwān al-Muslimun towards extremism and terrorism. At one side Western powers are negotiating with taliban in Qatar and on the other side they are patronizing Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.

Is this not double standard? If really we want to defeat the extremism and terrorism then there is need to invite Muslim extremist groups towards mainstream politics rather than pushing them towards wall. If President Mohamed Morsi will be assassinated, world will take it as judicial murder and it will irreversible loss for the world peace. Al Qaida and ISIS will get strength in Middle East and Africa. Even in Pakistan we will have to face trouble in our fight against terror.

Egyptian army is in the full control of West and it is not a threat for Israel then why this drama is being played in Egypt. I assure you that President Mohamed Morsi will never die, he will become immortal after the death sentence and dead Morsi will be more dangerous for Egyptian army and Israel. After his death he will become the symbol of democracy for democrats and symbol of resistance for  extremist elements. I am a moderate Muslim and strictly against terrorism and extremism but being a true democrat i too feel that President Mohamed Morsi is my hero just because of his struggle for democracy and civil rights. Just think that what will be the emotions of an extremist Muslim at this point of time.

West should revise its policy towards the present illegitimate regime of Egypt and should pressurize Egyptian government to release the President Mohamed Morsi otherwise whole world will have to face the consequences of their silence in the critical period of history. Please do not destroy the peace of the world. Extremists need martyrs to justify their wrong policies and we should not give them this opportunity. World leaders should think with cool mind on this burning issue which is very important for the world. Al-Ikhwān al-Muslimun should be allowed to take part in politics. Visit and its facebook page daily for reading latest articles on current affairs and international politics.