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What is Insaf Academy? Online Tests & Videos For Matriculation & Intermediate Students

Free Video Lectures & Online Tests For Preparation of SSC and HSSC Examinations
The Insaf Academy is a free online teaching platform that offers video lectures, live sessions, interactive quizzes and mock tests for Science subjects of Matriculation & Intermediate students. The Insaf Academy is a joint project of Punjab Curriculum Textbook Board & the Government of Punjab.The Insaf Academy makes quality education easier, free & convenient for everyone. The Insaaf Academy’s mission is to provide easy access to quality education for all. The Insaf Academy’s vision is to make quality education accessible & affordable for all.



What is Insaf Academy?

The Insaf Academy offers a variety of courses for Matriculation and Intermediate students. The courses are designed to help students master the Science subjects. The Insaaf Academy also offers a mobile app for students to download and start learning.


Vision of Insaf Academy

The Insaf Academy’s vision is to provide free & quality education to school and college students. The Insaaf Academy is committed to making quality online education accessible and affordable for all.



What is Insaf Academy? Online Tests & Videos For Preparation of Matriculation & Intermediate Exams

What is Insaf Academy? Online Tests & Videos For Preparation of Matriculation & Intermediate Exams


Provincial minister for school education has officially inaugurated the Insaf Academy project. This e-learning platform is a unique project of it type in Pakistan. At present just SSC and HSSC students can get benefit from this portal but soon this facility will also be provided for students of other classes too. Students from flood affected areas may also get benefit from this e-learning facility.


Key Features of Insaf Academy Online

Here are the key features of this joint project of Punjab Curriculum Text book Board and the provincial Government of Punjab:
Video lectures
Live sessions
Interactive quizzes
Online tests
Facility to learn at your own pace
Free facility
Online platform of e-learning


How To Access Online Tests & Videos of Insaf Academy?

To access the video lectures and practice tests, visit and create an account. You will need to provide your account information, personal information and educational information. Once you have created your account, you can start learning & earning achievement badges as you progress. You can also seek guidance from other students and teachers from different cities on the forum,and download the mobile app to keep track of your progress. The app also allows the students to access the Academy’s content offline.


Agent of Positive Change-No Need of Private Tuition

Insaf Academy is going to become a agent of changer in Punjab for students of inter and matric. With more than 3000 video lectures of 1st year & 2nd year, more than 4000 video lectures of SSC part 1 and 2, Insaf Academy is the one stop destination for scholars to achieve high scores in Mock Examinations and get themselves featured on the home page. Remember that this project was brain child of Shahbaz Sharif who launched elearn program in Punjab with the same intention.



The content available on the Insaf Academy app is categorized into different grades and subjects. The students can choose the grade and subject according to their need. The app also provides an option to change the language of the content. The students can access the content in English or Urdu. Now students of matric and inter will not need to join any private academy as they will be able to revise any chapter and attempt the online tests for judging their progress. Last but least remember that Punjab Group of Colleges have also launched a website for online preparation of exams through online tests and videos. Here is the link;



Free Online Preparation of Matric Exams by PGC, MCQs, Past Papers & Videos



Final Words

So if you are looking for a platform that will help you not only prepare for your exams but also get ahead in your studies, Insaf Academy is the obvious choice for watching educational videos and taking online tests. Now Insaf academy App is also available online. You may download it through the following link;


Click Here to Download PCTB App or Visit Official Portal of Insaf Academy