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Raw & Its Plans in South Asia

Current Affairs – Raw India & Its Projects in Subcontinent Today in our current affairs section we shall discuss the RAW  in detail. RAW is the abbreviation of Research and analysis wing. Its Indian intelligence agency. It was formed in 1968 for gathering internal and foreign intelligence. RAW India claims that it has made Bangladesh which is a hundred percent against the facts. Our defeat in East Pakistan was a political defeat rather than military defeat. Research and Analysis Wing just took the benefit of our political crisis and mismanagement. Now again RAW has been active to destabilize Pakistan. It is working in Sindh, Baluchistan and even KPK.

Again RAW India is using its old tactic i.e create unrest by misleading different groups. Indian Prime Minister Narindra Moodi has provided funds of more than 300 million dollars to RAW for creating misunderstanding against China Pakistan economic corridor. This fund is being used for training the of terrorists,bribing the political leadership and on social media. Many terrorists have admitted that they have been given training by RAW India, but unfortunately our media is not giving due coverage to involvement of RAW in terrorist activities.

Many people are raising questions that there are how much chances of success of RAW this time in Pakistan. I assure all Pakistani that now RAW can do nothing in Pakistan. ISI has become the most powerful intelligence agency in the world. RAW patronized the Tamil gorillas but Sri Lankan government has successfully crushed the Tamil movement with the help of Pakistan. RAW has failed in Kashmir too. In spite of deploying more than 7 lac troops in Kashmir, India has failed to control the freedom movement. RAW India

Raw India & Its Plans in South Asia

I have no doubt in mind that in Bangladesh RAW is successful but it is also just because of our policy of non-interference in other countries. People of Bangladesh has realized the Awami league is a political Bangla wing of RAW that’s why Haseena Wajid is not ready to conduct free and fair elections in the country. Now there is planning to assassinate Khalida Zia. She is safe and sound in spite of many attacks just because of her sincerity of purpose.

Performance of RAW in China is also very poor. It could not get even a single success in China.Even after the recent earth quake in Nepal, in spite of so much propaganda by Indian TV channels, people and government of Nepal has admitted the help of Pakistani troops.  In fact India media voluntarily work as mouth peace of RAW unfortunately we people always criticize our agencies. Is this not against the spirit of patriotism?

Now come to Pakistan, RAW has appointed many agents in its consulates in Afghanistan. These consulates are patronizing and providing funds to Bloch separatist elements but by the grace of Almighty Allah a Baloch nationalist has become the CM of Baluchistan who has control the situation in the majority of Bloch areas. RAW is unable to destabilize Pakistan now.

I have many strong arguments in favor of my this statement e.g

1-China is now standing on the back of Pakistan.

2-Pak Army has successfully defeated the terrorists in FATA and now its the turn of Indian intelligence agency.

3-Track record of RAW is very poor as compared to ISI.

4-Now Pakistan has become an atomic power, Alhadolillah there is no chance of any military defeat now on any front.

5-World has realized that only Pak army can defeat international terrorists.

6-Morale of whole India is very low to see the rapid economic growth and military successes of Pakistan.

7-ISI is now ready to counter any attack by Indian agencies.

8-If ISI will also start patronizing the India separatists movements then?

9-Now Indian agencies have admit that they do not now that where is Daood Ibrahim.

These people are even unable to search a single person. How funny. Now the question arises that what were causes of recent successful terrorists activities of RAW. Here the the main reasons of so-called success of RAW in recent past.

1-Pakistan was not pointing out the involvement of Indian agencies in terrorist activities just for the sake of good relations.

2-Our media also take a defensive line as compared to Indian media.

3-Fortunately or unfortunately after General Muhammad Zia Ul Haq Pakistan was not patronizing the separatist elements in India. I think that now the time has came to revisit this defensive policy.

4-Even some of our political leaders are in favor of good relations with India on any cost and they never condemned India for its anti Pakistan activities in Pakistan.

5-Indian agencies were using our internal elements for sabotage activities but now Pakistan is near to crush these elements.

You will see Inshaa Allah in near future that Pakistan will become a regional power and no conspiracy of RAW India will be successful. Geopolitical situation in South Asia is changing very rapidly, although USA has raised on objections on the nuclear cooperation between China and Pakistan but you will see that nothing will happen because world can not afford to lose our cooperation.  Pakistan is going to become one of the most important country of the world. You people have also an moral duty to defend  your beloved country on social media like facebook and google plus just like your favorite website   Visit us daily for reading the articles on current affairs and international relations.