Russian Language – Courses, Topics, Jobs, Career & Scope

Russian Language & Literature – Courses, Core Subjects, Jobs, Required Skills, Career & Scope in Pakistan & Abroad  
Russia is biggest country in the world by area. Even after the fall of former USSR, now Russia still Russia has this unique position in the world. Russian language is spoken not only in Russia but also 15 former states of USSR. If you want to go in these countries for trade or study then you must learn Russian language. USSR was the second biggest super power and atomic country till 1991.

Russian Language - Courses, Topics, Jobs, Career & Scope

Russian Language – Courses, Topics, Jobs, Career & Scope


Now again under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin Russia is trying to regain its lost status in international politics. Russia has joined hand with China. China is the new economic super power while Russia is still a military giant. These countries are trying to current uni-polar world once again into a multi-polar world. Russian language is spoken in a wide territory of the world. Large number of students from all over the world go the Russia and ex states for getting degrees in science, medical and engineering. In near future Russia and its language will get very importance globally. Now even Pakistan and Russia have become friends and we need local experts of Russian language to communicate with the traders and diplomats of our new friend.

Russian Language Courses in Pakistan 
At present in Pakistan certificate and diplomas of different duration are offered in Russian language by NUML, Punjab University and many other public and private institutes. Many universities like PU also teach Russian language and literature at bachelor level. E-learning courses are also available on internet.

Core Topics
Following core topics are taught is certificate and diploma courses of Russian language.
Research Methods
Applied Phonetics
Civilization and Cultural History of Russia
Conversation and Composition
Classical Literature
Modern Literature
Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking Skills Skills

Jobs, Career & Scope
On you should learn at least on international language. German, Chinese, French, Russian, Japanese have great scope as these are the languages of super powers of the world. We have not included English in this list as medium of instruction in majority of universities is already English.
It is one of the six official languages of UNO.
Will you believe thay it is the largely spoken native language in Europe.
As per Wikipedia its the 8th largely spoken language of thw world.

Employment Areas
International organizations like UNO and its agencies, BRICKS, donor agencies etc
Jobs in all Russian speaking countries
Foreign missions
Business process outsourcing (BPO) field
Non-governmental organizations
Language institutes
Research institutes
International business
Online business
Local and international print media
Local & international electronic media and websites
Publishing houses
Hospitality industry
Tourism department
Call centers
Post office and courier companies
Multinational companies

Job Types
Web master
Call center agent
Tour guide
Language researcher
International trader
Spy master
Fiction writer

Required Abilities 
Quick learning ability
Interest in Russian language, literature and culture
Command on native language

You can read the detailed articles on career and scope of French, Arabic, German, Chinese, Korean, Kashmiri, Hindi, Persian, Persian, Arabic and many other local and international languages on We shall soon publish career counseling articles on more local and international languages. So stay connected with our website and its FB page.


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