SAT Test Dates & Schedule 2021-22 Announced

SAT Test Dates, Schedule & Deadlines 2021 For Pakistan Has Been Announced

SAT Test schedule 2021 has been announced for Pakistani students. We have uploaded the SAT Test schedule 2021-22 schedule on this page. You can chose the appropriate date for you now. One date has passes and now you have six dates. SAT Test will be conducted in October, November, December, January, March, May and June. LUMS & IBA accept SAT in Pakistan.


Introduction of SAT Test & ACT Test in Urdu & English


Generally this test is offered 6 to 7 times in a year. Candidates have given almost five weeks for registration before test date. After deadline extra fee is charged. Online score report is provided to students almost after 3 weeks while paper score is sent to students approximately after 6 weeks. Its score remains valid for five years.


SAT Test Guide For All, Intro, Format, Preparation & Tips


In Pakistan generally its papers are taken in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. We have written a comprehensive article on SAT test. You must read it too. Usually students prefer to appear for in winter dates so that they may reappear in case of getting low score. But we shall not recommend this as you must appear in SAT with full preparation as college board send your past test score too to your designated colleges or universities.


But its not a mandatory condition as some times you have to select the date as per the admission schedule of the college or university in which you want to get admission. In this case appear in the nearest date and work hard to get maximum score. We wish you best of luck.

Introduction of SAT Test & ACT Test in Urdu & English

SAT Test Dates & Schedule 2021-21 Announced



1-13 March,  2021


2-8 May, 2021


3-5 June, 2021



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