Scope of Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies in Pakistan, Career Counseling Tips

Career & Scope of Associate Paralegal Studies Programme in Pakistan, Career Guide
Law is a very important and vast field of studies. This field is most recommended for youngsters who have good power of arguments and social contacts. Now HEC has increased the duration of LLB program from three years to five years. Now it is not possible for a student of any other field to get knowledge of law easily. He will have to spend 5 years for it. But there is an alternative too for those who want to get basic knowledge of law for excelling in their field. You may get admission in associate degree in paralegal studies. Its a two years program after intermediate. Graduate and master students may als

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Scope of Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies in Pakistan, Career Counseling Tips

Ziauddin University has become pioneer of associate paralegal studies program in Pakistan. Seeing the popularity of associate degree in paralegal studies among students of Pakistan, many other universities of Pakistan are also planing to launch the same programme in near future. highly recommend this program for you, as it will help you a lot in your career development, no matter in which field you are working. Try to get this degree as an additional qualification. If you want to become a banker, HR expert, accountant, business manager, CSS officer, patwari, tehsildar, real estate expert or police officer then you must also go for this associate degree. In short now a days understanding the basics of the law has become very important for everyone.



Importance of Associate Paralegal Studies Program

You must have information about your basic human rights and ways to protect them. After completion of this associate degree program you may work in law firms or with judges in the court rooms or in companies/banks/firms with legal departments. This program is focused on laws of our country. You will be given complete knowledge about legal system of Pakistan and remedies available in it for citizens of country to protect their lives, property and honors. You will be equipped with all the necessary tools to understand legal tips and tricks. You will be able to get job in any field which needs essential legal knowledge like union politics, NGO’s etc.You can become a successful property dealer. You may work as deed writer. You may assist lawyers in court. You may join media as a court reporter.



Career & Scope of Associate Paralegal Studies Programme
Remember that even for a clerk job you will be preferred on other candidates due to nature of your degree. Its an professional associate degree program, which is better than other associate degree programs of humanities stream of studies. Females may also get admission in this ADP. Later on you may also get admission in LLB program. This ADP is approved by HEC. Its a cost effective program, which has great demand in job market of Pakistan. Court clerks must gain this legal qualification in two years. In case of learning shorthand and typing you may also get job of steno-typist/court reader even in high court.



Benefits of Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies

Its a fact that few decades before the duration of LLB was just 2 years, it means that one can get command over Pakistani laws in just 2 years, so you may become a legal expert after 2 years study of Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies. You will also be able to plead your own cases in court of laws without the help of any advocate. You will be able to help all those people who are seeking professional legal opinion. Unlike LLB there is no need of clearing any entry test for getting admission in Associate Degree in Paralegal Studies.


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Job Areas
Law Firms
Real Estate Sector
Govt Jobs
Corporate Sector
Financial Institutions
Help Desk
Law Enforcement Agencies


Career & Scope of LLB (Bachelor of Law), Eligibility, Subjects & Further Study Options


Job Types
Court Clerk
Lawyers Clerk
Court Reader
Court Reporter
Property Dealer
Human Rights Activist
Police Help Desk Officers


In short if you want to live with dignity in a society like Pakistan then you must study law. Visit regularly.


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