Scope of BS Film Production in Pakistan, Jobs, Universities, Careers, Super Tips

Career Counselling Guide about Scope of Bachelor of Science BS Film Production Degree, Job Areas, Job Options, Institutes
Film production or cinematography has become an industry in the modern world. Its a field of creative minded individuals who want to explore their talent through the cinema screen. Technology has revolutionized this field, so now a days its hard to enter in the field of film production without having at least bachelor level degree. BS film production is the best degree for the students who want to make their career in the film line. In this post of, we are going to discuss the scope of BS film production degree in Pakistan.


The study of film production has its roots in motion pictures of the early 20th century. Before digital cameras, movies were shot in black and white. Film studios, however, were interested in color, so they commissioned the development of the Kodak Color Motion Picture (KCP) Camera in 1907. Kodak’s founder George Eastman believed the technology would revolutionize the industry. Instead, the color camera, called the KCP-1000, was a failure.

Career in The Field of Cinematography & Film Production, Scope, Tips

Scope of BS Film Production in Pakistan, Jobs, Universities, Careers, Super Tips

1. What You Will Learn in BS Film Production
The study of film production will provide students with knowledge and skills in the areas such as: screenwriting, writing, directing, acting, editing, sound recording, cinematography, and production design. Students will also learn about the history and production techniques used in the film industry. A student may specialize in writing, directing, editing, or production design depending on what their career goals are. Students should expect to earn a BS degree in four years. This is a great career choice for those who want to make a living in the entertainment business, and are interested in working on high-budget projects. You will learn how to design and construct different kinds of cameras, from traditional film cameras to digital video cameras. You will also learn how to use a digital video editing software like Final Cut Pro.


2. Why You Will Need BS Degree in Film Production
If you are interested in the world of film production, there is no reason why you should not apply for BS film production degree. As we all know, film production is a highly specialized area. Therefore, if you want to succeed in this field, you will have to gain some experience in the industry. To get a good start in the career, it is essential to enroll for BS film production degree in Pakistan.


If you plan to be a film producer, you will need at least a BS degree. That is true whether you want to be a producer in Lollywood, on the independent or foreign markets, or anywhere else that requires an understanding of what makes a successful film. Remember that factors involved in successful film production are same globally including in Hollywood and Bollywood.


3. The Market
This is a very important part of the business plan. If you are thinking of going into film production line, it is crucial to think about what your long term career goals are. There are many paths to becoming a film producer, but you may want to consider going into production if you have a strong passion for film making and want to find a good job in Pakistan or abroad. To do this, you will need to learn the basics of film production in this BS film production degree.


4. The Career Paths
If you’re reading this blog post because you’re considering going into film production after your BS degree, then we’ve got some good news for you! There are a lot of career paths for a person who has a BS degree in film production. Most people start out working on short films, which is a great way to learn the ropes before moving on to bigger projects. If you’re interested in being a camera operator, then there are tons of jobs available for that. If you want to be a script supervisor, then you can find a position for that too.



6.Universities offering Undergraduate Degree in Film Production
Iqra University Karachi, National College Of Arts Lahore, The University Of Lahore, Institute For Art And Culture Lahore, Beaconhouse National University, Karachi Institute Of Economics & Technology PAF Kiet, Riphah International University, Information Technology University, SZABIST, Hajvery University Lahore, University of Central Punjab UCP Lahore and The Millennium International University Islamabad are offering BS Film Production or related degrees in Pakistan like B.DESIGN Media Arts& Films, BS Media & Communication Studies, BA (Hons) in Social Sciences with major in Theatre, Film & TV, BS Media Science, BS (Hons) Film, TV, Advertising & Media Studies and Bachelors in TV & Film Production etc.



7.Jobs After BS Film Production in Pakistan
The BS film production is a path that will lead to the best job opportunities includes working at the entry level, gaining experience and working towards a master’s degree, and finally to a PhD. If you are serious about pursuing a career in film production, here is a breakdown of the various career options that exist for you.



After getting the BS film production degree you may get the job of film director, animator, film producer, film editor, VFX artist, concept artist, director of photography, sound engineer, lighting technician, location manager, production designer, script writer, runner, sound editor and special effects technician. You may also get jobs in NGO, ad film making companies, animated videos studio, cartoon videos production houses, 3D videos studios, electronic media industry, private production houses, private entertainment channels, web channels, documentaries production companies and educational institutes. Study solutions highly recommend you to go for MS degree too for specialization after completion of BS film production from any university of Pakistan. At least specialize in any area through PGD.



Many students who are majoring in film production will become independent filmmakers, but others will enter the film industry to work on a project as part of a team. There are many jobs in the film industry, and each type of job has different requirements for skill sets and education. Some people may choose to work on set with crew members, which can be a very physical job. Some people may prefer to work in post-production where they take a project from the raw footage all the way to being shown on screen, while others may prefer working in the editing room where they help to cut down the time needed to produce a finished film. Still others work in the casting and auditioning departments where they help to find the best actors and actresses for the roles in a film.


Super Tips & Conclusion
We are living in a era of metaverse and digital media so BS degree in film production will be right choice for you. You just need to have passion for cinema industry. Try to get internship in the last year of BS film production program for having practical experience. Kindly also select one field of cinematography and focus on it. You should also specialize in the same field. Do join video sharing websites like youtube, daily motion and vimeo and share your work online regularly. It will add stars in your profile for future job hunting.  In your whole career you will have to remain updated about the latest technological developments in the fields of Cinematography. For more guidance read our following two posts too.


Career in The Field of Cinematography & Film Production, Scope, Tips


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