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Scope of Gems & Jewellery Design Field in Pakistan, Jobs, Career, Courses, Salary

Career & Scope of Jewellery Designing in Pakistan, Job Prospects, Pay, Benefits, Programs, Tips
The popularity of this gems and jewellery design field line, it cannot be denied. If you want to know that what is the actual scope of this gems and jewellery designing sector, then here you are! We are going to tell you complete details on jobs, courses, salary, career and scope aspect of this field line in Pakistan. This is quite a creative field and while associating yourself with this sector, you will start to play with the gems and jewelery.

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Scope of Gems & Jewellery Design Field in Pakistan, Jobs, Career, Courses, Salary

You will be making different, unique, appealing and creative designs. Those people who have a creative mindset, they are immensely welcomed in this field. In Pakistan, so far we have a minimum range of universities which offer this gems and jewellery design program. It is this Pakistan gems and jewelery development company which has introduced a few of the courses related to this field line.

Which Courses Are Part of Gems and Jewellery Design in Pakistan? Complete Courses Details for You
If you are highly interested to serve in this gems & jewellery design field, then first you have to become the part of these courses.

Here is the list of courses which will give you lots of benefit during your phase and journey of becoming a successful gems and jewelery designer. You need to associate yourself with these courses and main subject lines and they are gemstone faceting, gemstone carving, jewelery designing CAD, gemstone identification, jewelery manufacturing.

By learning from these courses, you will know about the ABC field of this sector. Then you will come to know how fake and genuine gemstones are identified. You will get an understanding as to how to craft, design, shape and polish them up.

Famous Gems and Jewelery Designers in Pakistan
No doubt, in Pakistan, we have seen that it is just because of these hardworking professionals that this field of gems and jewellery designing is growing day by day in our country. If you have seen the work and crafted pieces of Bareeze man, Shafaq Habib, Popinjay, Anum designer, Zara Shahjahan, Aliel Jewelers, REMA, then you might get impressed from them a lot. These are one of the famous and quite popular gems and jewelery designers.

Where to Work If You Have Gems & Jewellery Design Degree in Pakistan? Career And Scope Information
if you have this specific degree, then make sure to work for the carving sector, laboratory in-charge, marketing manager, coordination in-charge, gemstone analyst, quality checker/controller, laboratory technician, gemologist. By working in these sectors or by getting hired on these job positions, you will get handsome pays and salaries as well.

Remember that there are unlimited reserves of precious gems in KPK, AJK and Gilgit Baltistan regions of Pakistan. We are exporting these gem stones in raw form as we do not have experts of this field in the country for cutting, polishing and finishing of gems. It means that there is a great scope for you in this area.

We are also exporting large quantity of gold and artificial jewelery. We can reduce this import by preparing the quality jewelery designers in Pakistan. Its relatively a new field in Pakistan. You can become pioneer in the fields of gems and jewellery design. There are unlimited opportunities of business too. Remember that rate of profit in this field is much more than any other business. You can become an exporter with limited investment. Gems and jewellery field has many sub branches. You should get admission at least in any short course of its sub field.

Which Institutions Offer Courses of Gems and Jewelery Designing in Pakistan?
It is this Pakistan gems and jewelery development company P.G.J.D.C which offer lots of courses related to this field, you can easily enroll in them.

Then we have Pakistan institute of fashion design PIFD which offer and serve similar kind of courses and subjects related to this field line.

So are you interested to work in this gems and jewellery design field line, let us know! If you still have more questions on this field pays, career, scope, course line aspects, then do ask from us.