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Scope of Livestock Assistant Diploma LAD in Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Institutes, Tips

What is LAD? Career & Scope of Livestock Assistant Diploma in Pakistan, Job Options, Pay, Subjects, Institutions,  & Smart Tips
Introduction: A livestock assistant diploma is a qualification awarded to those who have completed a course of study in this field. It is a stepping stone to employment in the livestock industry of Pakistan. In this career counseling based article we shall discuss all the aspects of LAD diploma.


What is a Livestock Assistant Diploma?
This diploma is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to work in a livestock production setting. The curriculum covers topics such as animal care, nutrition, breeding and management. In addition, students will learn how to use technology in order to improve their productivity.



What are the Requirements for earning a Livestock Assistant Diploma?
The Livestock Assistant Diploma (LAD) is a two-year program that prepares students to work in the livestock and poultry industries. The program requires students to complete coursework in animal science, agronomy, business, and other related subjects. For admission in LAD candidates should have got at least 45% marks in matric science. Age of students for admission in LAD should be between 18 to 25 years. Candidates will have to provide matric science certificate, CNIC, character certificate and recent photo with the application for admission in LAD.


How do I earn a Livestock Assistant Diploma?
The Livestock Assistant Diploma program is designed to give students the skills they need to manage cattle, horses, and other livestock. The program covers a variety of topics, including animal care and management, nutrition, breeding and genetics, and marketing. Students must complete 120 hours of coursework in order to earn the diploma.


What are the Benefits of earning a Livestock Assistant Diploma?
Some of the benefits to earning this credential include increased job opportunities, better pay, and more responsibility. Additionally, a Livestock Assistant Diploma can help you learn about livestock care and management, which can lead to a career in livestock production or ranching.


Scope of Livestock Assistant Diploma LAD in Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Institutes, Tips

Scope of Livestock Assistant Diploma LAD in Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Institutes, Tips

Livestock Assistant Diploma is a course for anyone who is interested in livestock and farming. It teaches the art of looking after livestock, including caring for cattle, sheep, cow and chickens, and the basics of working with animals and their habitats.



Subjects Taught in LAD
Following subjects are taught in LAD;
Anatomy, Animal Breeding and Genetics, Physiology, Basics of Animal Reproduction and A.I., Pharmacology, Clinical Medicine, Poultry Production, Livestock Management, Basic Microbiology, Introduction to Obstetrics and reproductive diseases, Basic Pathology, Clinical Surgery, Strategies and skill for Livestock extension, Basic Parasitology, Introduction to Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Animal and Poultry Nutrition, Fisheries and Introduction to Livestock Extension Education. Internship is also a part of this program. Medium of instruction is both Urdu and English. Exams are taken annually.


Scope of Livestock Assistant Diploma LAD in Pakistan, Jobs, Salary, Institutes, Tips


Required Qualities
The job title livestock assistant is fairly generic, but the responsibilities of this job position are often much more specific. The livestock assistant typically assists veterinarians during surgery, examinations, and any other aspects of their work. Depending on the veterinary clinic, a veterinary assistant may help the veterinarian with anesthesia, cleaning, and other duties that may include assisting with vaccinations, wound care, and pet grooming. The position requires a high level of empathy as well as a willingness to work long hours.


Who Should Enroll for LAD Diploma?
We live in a society that values flexibility over stability. For this reason, job opportunities such as the position of livestock assistant tend to be extremely flexible. This is not always the case with a job in this industry, but if you’re looking for a job that gives you room for growth and offers variety, then this is the field for you.



UVAS, BZU, MNS Agriculture University Multan, AUF Faisalabad, Riphah International University, CUVAS, IUB and many other institutes are offering the livestock assistant diploma LAD in Pakistan.


Job Areas
They are responsible for the care of both pets and livestock. As a livestock assistant, you will need to be patient and understanding, compassionate, and have a strong knowledge of livestock anatomy. Livestock assistants are employed in clinics, hospitals, farms, poultry forms, fish farms, goat forms, cow forms, zoo, national parks, circus, renches and veterinary schools. Livestock assistants are often the first point of contact with patients and are involved in every aspect of the treatment of animals.



Nature of Job
Livestock assistants have two main job options. Either they’re working directly with patients, examining and treating sick or injured animals. Or they’re assisting the veterinary staff in areas like preparing and labeling specimens or documenting clinical data. Both require similar skills, but different job responsibilities.


As a livestock assistant, you are a medical professional who takes care of animals. As a livestock or veterinary assistant, you have the responsibility of caring for your clients’ pets. You are responsible for checking the health of each animal, cleaning their fur and nails, making sure they have enough food and water, and providing treatment if necessary. As a livestock assistant, you also help to prevent and treat diseases and injuries.


It is easy to see how a livestock  assistant job is very important to those who work in a veterinary clinic. They need to keep the veterinary clinic organized, clean, and safe. The livestock assistant will spend a lot of time interacting with patients, so they should be friendly and outgoing. They must be well organized and reliable. They need to be punctual and efficient.



Livestock assistants, veterinarians and animal caretakers are involved in diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of sick or injured animals. They are often responsible for preparing the patient’s medical records, taking temperature readings, performing blood tests, administering medications, or feeding and watering the animal.



In short in Pakistan LAD diploma has great scope in Pakistan specially in rural areas. Pakistan has very little number of qualified DVM doctors, LAD diploma holders are serving in rural areas to fill this gap. Livestock Assistant Diploma holders are earning about 30000 to 40000 per month in job and sky is the limit for them in private practice. Its an ideal diploma for those who want to enter in practical life as early as possible for instant handsome earning. You must think about this further study option after matric science very seriously. Do read following post of for more information on related topics;


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