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Swine Flu (H1N1) Symptoms, Precautions & Treatment (English & Urdu)

Seasonal Flu (H1N1 Virus) Symptoms, Precautions & Treatment in English & Urdu Languages
Now a days swine flu (H1N1 Flu)has spread in Pakistan. In fact its too a new type of seasonal flu. Virus of seasonal virus is changing every year.H1N1 virus is also a changed virus of seasonal flu. Its also fact that we have resistance against this virus, but not against its changed shape.That’s why swine flu is spreading like epidemic this year specially in Pakistan. Majority of its victims are kids below 5 years, old aged people of above 65 years, pregnant females, people of certain chronic diseases with weak resistance power and below years teenagers who are using dispirin/aspirin since long time.

Swine flu is hundred percent curable disease. Some serious patients may have to hospitalized. Now vaccine for H1N1 flu has also been discovered. Its a best precaution against this fatal acute disease.

Symptoms of Seasonal/Swine Flu (H1N1 Virus)
Pain in joints and muscles
Sore throat
Flowing nose
In some complicated cases symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, chest pain and difficulty in breathing have also been noticed.

Precautions For Swine Influenza 
1-Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue paper at the time of coughing and sneezing. Dispose off the used tissue paper immediately.

2-Wash your hands again and again with medicated soap for germs protection.

3-Wash your hands with warm water, especially after coughing and sneezing.

4-Never touch your eyes, nose or mouth after for avoiding the spread of germs.

5-Stay away from the patients of swine flu. Recommended distance from such people specially at the time of their coughing or
sneezing is six meters.

6-Patients of swine flu,their attendants, relatives and health-care staff should use face masks.

7-Patients should never shake hand or hug with healthy people.

8-Such patients should be isolated rather they should be hospitalized in isolated swine flu wards.

Homeopathic Treatment of Swine Flu
Eupatorium perfoliatum 200 and Inflenzium 200 are the two best homeopathic medicines for the treatment of Swine influenza. Sames remedies can also be used as precautionary medicines. Citrus fruit, honey, joshanda, garlic, turmeric and tulsi are also useful for patients of swine influenza.Consult qualified doctor for proper treatment. Never lose hope any disease as it can be fatal for your health. Use the techniques of creative visualization and self hypnotism in all diseases. We have written a detailed article on this topic for you, Read our following article too for further guidance about treatment of seasonal influenza. Our team of doctors is also at your disposal.

Best Treatment of Influenza, Flu & Common Cold in Urdu and English

Free Helpline For Patients of Seasonal Influenza
Punjab government has provided a free helpline number to guide the people about H1N1 influenza. You may call at 0800-99-000 for getting free information and guidance about seasonal influenza, Complicated patients should immediately contact their nearest district teaching hospital for free diagnosis and treatment. You may read the details in Urdu about swine flu (H1N1) symptoms, precautions & treatment in Urdu in the newspaper ad cutting below this page. Visit and its health category daily for guidance about treatment of various diseases.

Swine Flu (H1N1) Symptoms, Precautions & Treatment (English & Urdu)

Swine Flu (H1N1) Symptoms, Precautions & Treatment (English & Urdu)