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Tips & Strategy For Diabetes Patients about Fasting in Ramadan (Urdu & English)

Fasting Strategy in Ramazan For Diabetic Patients
Diabetes is a very fatal disease. There is no any permanent treatment of diabetes in any method of treatment. Muslim patients of diabetes want to take fast in the holy month of Ramadan. Now again Ramazan has come and Muslims with strong faith will ignore the advice of their doctors and try to keep fasts in Ramazan. My mother is too a diabetic and she also keeps all the 30 fasts against the advice of her family physician. I was worried about her health, but then in a newspaper i find some tips for diabetes patients for fasting in Ramadan. I think these tips are very useful for other diabetic patients, so i have decided to share these tips with our visitors


Patients of diabetes type 1 can fast with the permission of their doctor. Remember that taking insulin in Ramadan will not break your fast. Same is the case with the use of glucometer. Never intake too much at the time of iftar, so eat less amount of eat after short intervals. Eat recommended fruits, vegetables and curd, Eat maximum 2 dates at the time of iftar. Visit your family doctor before Ramazan for rescheduling your diabetes medicines. Avoid junk food, fast food, cold drinks, bakery items, oily foods and spicy samosas & pakoras. If your sugar level is less than 70 during the fasting then stop working, break your fast and eat something and if your sugar level is above 300 during the day then contact with your doctor immediately. Take exercise 2 hours after iftar. Check your sugar level at least 3 times a day. Strictly follow the diet plan given by your doctor for fasting in ramadan.


Diet Plan For Ramazan (Sehri & Iftar)


Such patients should not go for fasting is Ramazan;
Patients with uncontrolled diabetes,
Pregnant diabetic patients
Diabetes patients whose kidneys, nerves or eyes have affected with sugar.
Dialysis patients
High risk patients of different diseases
Patients who work physically


Fasting in Ramadan related tips have been given below in Urdu language.

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Tips & Strategy For Diabetes Patients For Fasting in Ramadan (Urdu & English)


Tips & Strategy For Diabetes Patients For Fasting in Ramadan (Urdu & English)



Tips & Strategy For Diabetes Patients For Fasting in Ramadan (Urdu & English)