Top 50 All Times Best Hollywood Movies For Viewing During Coronavirus Lockdown

List of All Times Best Hollywood Movies (Top 50 Hollywood Films)
Hollywood is the best film industry in the world. No other film industry of any country can even think to compete the movies of Hollywood. Large number of movies are produced in USA every year. It is not possible for everyone to watch all the movies of Hollywood, so we are going to share you a comprehensive list of all times best Hollywood movies. We have added just 50 films in this list. This list is specially recommended for those people who are fed up with coronavirus lockdown.


Hollywood Movies

Top 50 All Times Best Hollywood Movies For Viewing During Coronavirus Lockdown


We have also given an Urdu column on the same topic below this page. Hollywood movies given on this page are on History, Horror, Suspense, Islam, Humor and Science Fiction. Some movies were not very hit but their story and picturization was awesome. This list is based on our choice, success rate and quality of movies. You have right to disagree with our selection of Hollywood movies.



You may find some of these Hollywood films on youtube, vimeo and dailymontion. For some Hollywood movies you will have to get the subscription of Netflix. Last option for finding these films is UTorrent. Majority of these movies are also available in Urdu language too, but remember that you will lost the real taste of the movies in case of viewing their dubbed copies in your own language. There are some series of movies too like Godfather, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, King Kong, James Bond, Rambo and Evil Dead etc. You must watch all movies of these successful series.


List of Top 50 Classic Hollywood Movies

2-Bin Hur
3-Guns of Navarone
5-The Godfather Series
6-Lawrence of Arabia
8-The Bridge on The River Kwai
9-Jurassic Park Movies
10-Star War Series

11-The Matrix
13-Terminator 2 Judgement Day
14-Mission Impossible
15-The Message

21-Toy Story
22-Spider Man
24-The Lion Of The Desert
25-King Kong Films
27-Sherlock Homes
28-Kingdom Of Heaven
29-Thief of Baghdad
30-Bhowani Junction

31-Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade
32-The Mummy Movies
33-Pearl Harbor
34-Hundred Riffles
35-The Bunker
36-Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny
37-Robin Hood
40-Evil Dead All Parts

42-Rambo Series
42-James Bond Films
43-The Dictator
44-Dracula Movies
47-The Lion King
48-Alien and Aliens
49-Animated Movies like Up, Toy Story, Inside Out and Finding Nemo etc
50-Movies on Super Heroes Like Aqua-man, Batman, Captain America, Superman, Spider-man etc.


Hopefully you will watch all these movies. Kindly share your own list on top 10 Hollywood movies of all times too with us. Soon we shall try to publish more posts on Hollywood movies, Bollywood movies and Lollywood movies, so stay connected with our General Knowledge category and our FB page.


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Top 50 All Times Best Hollywood Movies For Viewing During Coronavirus Lockdown

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