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How To Spend Time During Quarantine & Coronavirus Lockdown (Curfew)? Top 30 Tips

What To Do During Coronavirus Quarantine, Curfew and Lockdown? Complete Guide with Top 30 Tips & Unique Ideas in English & Urdu Languages

If you are thinking that what to do during quarantine & coronavirus lockdown then now you have luckily reached at the right page. Today we are going to discuss that how to spend time during coronavirus quarantine, curfew and lockdown 2020. We are going to share top 30 tips and ideas in this regard on this page both in English and Urdu languages.


How To Pass Time During Lockdown, Curfew and Quarantine? Top 30 Smart Tips

Indoor Games
1-You can play various indoor games like ludo, carom board, snake & ladder, chess and cards for spending the time.


Exercise & Yoga
2-Exercise will keep you fit during quarantine time. You should take exercise two times in a day at least for 1 hour. Spend some time on yoga too.


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Learn New Skills
3-Learn at least one new skills through the youtube videos.


Read Newspapers & Magazines
4-Read daily newspapers and current affair magazines on internet.


Movies & Documentaries
5-Watch block bluster historic movies and documentaries on daily motion, vimeo and


Spend Time With Children
6-Spend maximum time with your kids. Play indoor games and sports with them. Check their educational progress. Provide them career counseling, Share your life experiences with them.


Read Books
7-If you can afford then buy some best selling books on literature, history and self help and read them in spare time. Buy general knowledge and story books for your children.


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Learn Cooking
8-Learn cooking with the help of your female family members.


Clean The Home
9-Clean your home and specially store room. Take bathe daily.


Self Help Videos
10-Watch youtube videos on self help and business ideas.



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How To Spend Time During Quarantine & Coronavirus Lockdown (Curfew)? Top 30 Tips


Write Diary & Letters
11-Write daily diary as it will also improve your creative writing skills. You can also write letters to love ones.


Learn New Languages
12-Learn a new language by using internet like Chinese, French, Arabic or English.


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13-If you are suffering with any disease then do research on it by visiting the healthcare related websites on internet.


Translation of Holy Quran
14-Read the translation of Holy Quran in your mother language. Try to learn the Quranic Arabic. For this purpose you can watch the videos of Sheikh Aamir Sohail. His lectures in Urdu are available on youtube and on


Online Games
15-You may also play video games on computer, laptops, tablets and smart phones. Online games are also available on various websites.


Sleep More
16-You must increase the duration of your sleep for at-least 2 hours. Sleep in afternoon too for at least 2 hours.



Future Planning
17-Make planning for your future business projects. Get ideas about these projects through net.



Serve Your Parents
18-Spend time with your parents. Its an ideal opportunity for you to win paradise by serving them.


19-Get the membership of Netflix for watching online Tv shows and latest online movies.


Give Quality Time To Your Better Half
20-Give some quality time to your life partner. Lesson to her complaints and try to fix them. Remove her misunderstanding about you. Share your problems with her so that she may understand that why you can not give her proper required time.


Contact Old Friends For Chatting
21-Contact your old friends, class fellows and family members who live out of the city or country on whatsapp, messenger and through email. Then in future too remain in touch with them.


Alternatives of Facebook
22-Try some new social media platforms too like Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter,Qzone etc.


Learn online Selling of Products & Services
23-Try to discover through net search that how you can also sell your products and services online. This one time hard exercise will help you a lot in expanding your business and you will be able to earn money even during lockdown or quarantine. Students and employed persons should check different methods for earning money online. You should also make facebook page and group for the same purpose. Build them by posting regularly and try to get orders through this platform too.


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Tips For Females
24-Females should watch videos on cooking, first aid, child psychology, sewing and makeup for improving their skills in these areas. They can also read books on these topics.


Tips For Students
25-Students should visit educational websites regularly like They should learn the productive use of social media sites. Spend maximum time on study.



Mental Relief
26-You mental relief get involve in religious activities for example meditation, fasting, recitation of Holy Quran, Atikaf at home, Zikr e elahi and Namaz (prayer).



Search The Life Partner For Your Children
27-Parents should also visit matrimonial sites in this time for searching the right partner for their young sons and daughter. Lot of matrimonial websites are 100% free like professor Sajid Academy.



Online Books
28-Read online books on internet. Now you may also listen books.



Indoor Hobbies
29-Give time to your indoor hobbies like gardening, painting & photography.


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30-Think about causes of your failures in life and learn from your mistakes for making a right strategy for further success in life.

Last but not least visit our articles and general knowledge categories daily and read more tips in Urdu languages in the newspaper cuttings below on how to spend time during quarantine & coronavirus lockdown (Curfew).


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How To Spend Time During Quarantine & Coronavirus Lockdown (Curfew)? Top 30 Tips


How To Spend Time During Quarantine & Coronavirus Lockdown (Curfew)? Top 30 Tips