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Top Ten Muslim Writers of 2024

Top 10 Muslim Writers of  Year 2024
Dear students just reading academic books is not enough for becoming a multidimensional person. In this post we shall discuss top ten Muslim writers of 2024. Its my own rating and you have right to disagree with it but after reading their books.



1-Haroon Yahya

This man is at the top of my list. Haroon Yahya is a Turkish Muslim scholar, scientist and philosopher. He proved the existence of Almighty Allah with scientific arguments. I love this man more than anyone. He is the genius of 21st century. Dear brothers, Haroon Yahya proves in his books that this world is a illusion and matter does not exist.He has also proved that Darwin’s theory of evolution is wrong and the our universe was created by Almighty Allah. His arguments really haunt me but i could not find a single person in Pakistan who can talk on his theories which seem to be reality. Haroon Yahya has written about 236 books. Visit for downloading his books. Urdu translation of his some books are also available in market.



2-Dr Zakir Naik

A man with a vision and mission. Haroon Yahya is working in the field of theory but Dr Zakir Naik is presenting the real face of  Islam on world media on larger scale. Not a single scholar of any religion can even think to face him. He is the voice of Islam and peace in 21st century. Uncountable people have accepted Islam due his efforts. Millions of Muslims want to join his movement including your admin. West is so much afraid from Haroon Yahya and Dr Zakir Naik that their media has boycotted the both of them. Even BBC is not ready to sell its air time to Dr Zakir Naik. But Peace TV is becoming popular all over the world.



3-Qamar Iqbal Sufi

I have written a detailed article on this spiritual man. You must read it for reading details about this mystic personality of modern era.


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4-Javed Ahmad Ghamidi

Ya he is a controversial personality as far as fundamentalists are concern. They compelled him to migrate from Pakistan. But he has not give up his struggle to present the real face of Islam. If we do not agree with his thoughts, still we have to admit that he provides us food for thought which is the most needed thing in Muslims.  Although Jamaat e Islami does not agree with his thoughts but Ghamidi is a fruit of Maulana Modoodi’s tree. Visit for details about his work.



5- Faiez Seyal

He is considered an authority on behavioral science , mind power, relationship, success and spirituality. He has written many books on self help like The Road to Success, Born Again, Together Forever etc. His audio and video lectures are also available. His work has been translated in more than 7 languages of the world. He delivers paid lectures on different self help topics in educational institutions and business houses. Visit for reading details about him.



6-Hakeem e Inqalab Sabir Multani

Ya majority of you people are not aware with his name. But his books are best selling books on traditional medicine. This great personality brought a revolution in eastern medicine by introducing a new scientific method of treatment. He wrote more than a dozen books on his new method of treatment. One of his most famous Urdu book is Allopathy is wrong and unscientific. You people know the names of Hakim Ajmal, Hakim M Saeed and Hakim Qarshi but on visiting Urdu bazar you will come to know that still the books of  Hakim e Inqalab Sabir Multani are best selling in market 40 years after his death.



7-Maulana Tariq Jameel

This man has affected a whole generation in Pakistan. Millions of people follow him. You may call him the Zakir Naik of Pakistan.



8-Dr Niaz Ahmed Khan

Dr Niaz Ahmed Khan is striving to introduce a new interest free Islamic economic system (MBCS) but as you know that we are slave of  IMF and World Bank and can not even think about a out of the box solution/system. Still books of Dr Niaz Ahmad khan are becoming very popular among masses like New Islamic Economic Revolution of 21st Century.


9-Ghost writers

Ya millions of students in Pakistan buy study guides written by professional writers but publisher mafia does not give them credit of their work. Unfortunately Pakistan is the worst country in the world where writers are not given due recognition. Publishers pay them 5 to 10 thousands rupees for writing books. Same is the case with book sellers who demand 60 to 70 percent commission on each book. Writer and readers are both educated persons but majority of book sellers and publishers are ignorant and they have become the biggest exploiter in our society. Both of them are biggest hurdle in spread of knowledge in our country. I pay tribute to all such ghost writers who sell their work to publisher mafia due to financial problems.


10-Dr Akhtar Ahmad

Dr Akhtar Ahmad has written more than 30 books on Islam, spiritualism, self help, medical science and mind science. We have written following article on Dr Akhtar Ahmad and his books;


Best Mind Science Expert and Motivational Speaker of Pakistan-Dr Akhtar Ahmad, Books


Best Mind Science Expert and Motivational Speaker of Pakistan-Dr Akhtar Ahmad, Books



What do you think that admin is an ordinary man. No he is also a son of centuries like you. Hahaha just kidding, as i was worried that some of you people may disagree with my list of and i want to leave this position vacant as i am still reading books and its the start of 2024 so wait that who will capture this number. In short i respect all above writers and suggest you to read their books. Kindly search books of these great writers on net.