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Top 50 Job Interview Tips For PSC, CSS, PMS, FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, BPSC & AJKPSC

Job Interview Tips For Public Service Commission Exams
Today we are going to publish very important job interview tips for those candidates who are interested in jobs announced by different public service commissions of Pakistan like FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, BPSC and AJK PSC. These job interview tips are also for CSS and PMS interviews.


Top Job Interview Tips
1-You should have very good knowledge about your key subjects of last degree.

2-Self interview in front of mirror is best technique of practicing. You can also get help of any relative for mock interview but in this case ask him to record your video. It will help you in assessing your performance.

3-You must increase your verbal communication skills in English.

4-Always reply the questions in English during mock interviews.

5-View interview tips on youtube. Try to improve your GK, IQ & EQ levels.

Interview Tips

Top 50 Job Interview Tips For PSC, CSS, PMS, FPSC, PPSC, KPPSC, SPSC, BPSC & AJKPSC


6-Talk with other candidates while waiting for your turn it will help you a lot in restoring your confidence level during this vital time period.

7-You should prepare the answers of question about your academic career, training and professional experience.

8-Do point out your skills, achievements, abilities, talents and strong points during the answers of different questions.

9-You should have sufficient knowledge about general topics too and for this purpose you should read newspapers, general magazines and informative TV channels.

10-You should have proof of your achievements during interview so gather all the related documents.

11-Remember that you never fail in any interview, you always win new experiences in your each interview. Try to avoid past mistakes in future.


Job Interview Tips About Your Physical Appearance
12-Your dress should be neat and well pressed. If you can afford then wear an new decent dress.

13-Your shoes should be clean and in shining position.

14-Your hair style must be decent.

15-Your nails should be clean and trimmed.

16-Never fill your pockets with unnecessary items. Never come with mobile phone or keep is on silent mode. Your front pocket should be empty and there should be no noisy coins in your any pocket.

17-Never chew gum or candy during the interview. Avoid smoking.

18-Your teeth should be extra white on D day.

19-On interview day get up early in the morning, take bath and give extra 20 minutes to your physical appearance.


How To Introduce Yourself Properly?
You must introduce yourself in an excellent style.

20-First of all provide the information about your personal and educational background. Never speaks about very personal matters like spouse, kids etc. Correlate your education with the job.

21-Secondly, you must also try to prove that you have some type of related past experience too either in form of job or internship or at least short courses.

22-Thirdly explain that your career objectives are very similar to the job objective.

23-Last but not least show your knowledge about the relevant field in your replies. In short you can easily impress the interviewer by showing that your academic history, experience and knowledge is relevant to the job for which you have applied for.


Job Interview Tips For Prime Time
24-Say ‘Salam’ on entering the room.

25-Sit on seat with permission.

26-Introduce yourself gracefully.

27-You body languages should show that you are taking interest in points raised by interviewer.

28-Your answers should be positive for negative based questions.

29-Eye contact with show your level of confidence so never be shy.

30-Appear in the PSC interview with a smile on your face but avoid laughing.

31-Never argue with the interviewer unnecessarily.

32-Try to add facts and figures in your answers with references.

33-Give due respect to interviewer but avoid flattering. Just remaining polite is enough.

35-Reply in English but when you are asked to speak in Urdu then follow the instructions.

36-Admit when you don’t know the accurate answer of any question.

37-Never give false information.

38-Listen the questions carefully for understanding the logic behind them and reply in a friendly atmosphere. You may also ask the interviewer to repeat the question.

39-Never cross the boundaries of confidence. Lack of confidence and over confidence both will be fatal for you.

40-Try to make positive statements.

41-Irrelevant answers will take you nowhere.

42-Your command over your subjects is also a very important point.

43-You must also have enough knowledge about the department which you want to join. Get maximum information about its history, functions, achievements, structure etc.

44-Avoid grammatical mistakes and prove that you have good vocabulary.

45-Your voice should be neither low nor loud.

46-You must have a plan for your career and goals for your future. Express them too.

47-Never make lame excuses always speak logically.

48-Show that you posses a mature and balanced personality.

49-There should be no errors of grammar or spelling in your application form.

50-Say thanks to the interviewers at the end.

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