Top Ten Study Tips in English & Urdu

Best Top 10 Study Tips in Urdu and English Languages
Today we shall discuss top ten study tips in English and Urdu languages with you. These tips will help you in clearing any exam. 8 related links have also been given on this page. Here are the top ten study tips for all;

Top Ten

Top Ten Study Tips in English & Urdu

1-Effective reading of 2 to 3 hours is enough for your success in exams, but you will have to learn the art of effective reading. Effective reading is all about understanding the basic concepts of any subject. You should just try to understand the basic concept of each topic

2-Try to avoid memorization habit as it can destroy your future career. You should just try to understand the each and every concept of your subject. Now write your answers in your own words on the basis of your understanding.

3-Make a proper monthly timetable for your daily studies. You must follow this timetable very strictly. You must repeat your previous learning every week for avoiding any mistake in final exams.

4-Try to make short term and long term goals during your studies. You must know that which and how mush course you will have to complete in the certain given time.

5-Never postpone your today’s work on tomorrow. Burden of many days can destroy your career.

6-Kindly recognize your self worth. Never think even for a second that you can not do anything in life. Always appear in the exam with winning state of mind.

7-Always start with the most difficult task as it will boost your confidence level.

8-Make your own notes for avoiding help from any one else.

9-Concentration is the key of success in any field of life. Study your books in a separate room where there is no possibility of interference forgetting full concentration level. You may also use SQ3R method for memorizing any difficult question.

10-Combined study is the solution of your many academic problems. You may understand your missing concepts with the help of your class fellows. Last but not least talented students critically analyze their work at the end of each month for better performance in future.

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You must read all above mentioned study tips for guidance about clearing any exam. Our team of professional career counselors is also at your disposal. You may ask any study tips related question to our quick response team. Details about best study tips in Urdu have been given below. Mr Farhan Fani has written this Urdu article on study tips for daily express newspaper Lahore. Visit the best educational website of Pakistan ( and its facebook page for guidance about study tips.

Top Ten Study Tips in English & Urdu

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