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Urdu Column About PMDC Decision of 50, 50 % Quota System in Medical Colleges

Urdu Column OF Wasif Nagi in Favor of PMDC Decision About Introducing  50, 50 % Quota System For Boy & Girls in Medical Colleges & Dental Colleges
Wasif Nagi is one of the best column writers in Pakistan who writes column on health and education related issues. He exposes corruption and malpractices of both these fields. He is associated with Jang group. Today again he wrote a column on a burning issue i.e PMDC decision about introducing 50, 50 % quota system in medical and dental colleges of Pakistan.

Urdu Column of Wasif Nagi About Quota 50, 50 % System in MBBS and BDS

According to him PMDC took this decision in its 137th meeting that was held in February 2014 but notification was issued in last month. He criticizes PMDC for notifying the decision so late because now it will be difficult to implement this decision from current year. Wasif Nagi is in favor of PMDC’s decision as he thinks that 70% girls gets admission in medical colleges and just about 23 % of them remain in field. 77 % female doctors leave medical profession after their marriages and they enter in this field just for the sake of adding star to their family profile. Government spends 3.5 to 4 million rupees on each medical student and a MBBS or BDS student has to pay just about 100,000 rupees to government in 5 years. He ask a question to its readers that is this not the wastage of resources.

There are five separate women medical colleges in Pakistan too. He again ask question in this regard that when Principal and even faculty of these colleges are males then how these medical colleges can be called women colleges and if open merit was a good decision then why this formula was not introduced in women medical colleges. Percentage of females was 70 % in so called boys medical colleges, while in past only 25 to 30 % quota was reserved in theses boys colleges for females.

He suggests that MBBS & BDS doctors should not be allowed to appear in CSS, PMS and PCS exams at all. Government should take bonds from each medical student for serving at least for five years in government hospitals.

Wasif Nagi also criticizes private medical colleges due to their poor standard. He says on oath that many medical colleges and some new pubic medical colleges do not have complete faculty and 400 beds teaching hospitals. He lays stress in PMDC for strict scrutiny of these institutions.
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Urdu Column About PMDC Decision of 50, 50 % Quota System in Medical Colleges

Urdu Column About PMDC Decision of 50, 50 % Quota System in Medical Colleges