What is The Scope of Geology in Pakistan? Career Tips in Urdu & English

Career Counseling on Geology Scope in Pakistan, Definition, Job Prospects, Significance & Tips in Urdu and English Languages
First, we will give you the correct definition of geology. This field is about the study of earth. You learn about the materials from which this earth is made of and you come to know about the structures and processes on which these earth materials are acting upon. This sector is the study of organisms which are inhabited by the earth planet. You study that how Earth’s materials and structures as well as processes and organisms are being changing over time. It is the job of all geologists that they have to understand the history of planet earth. The more they will understand the history of their own planet, better they can perform in their field line. Here we have two main sub branches of this field and they are geomorphology field and then we have geochemistry field. You will too know that how can you make a strong career in this sector:

Geomorphology Field
If you want to work in this field of geomorphology, then note that you have to do the study of landforms and their processes and also about their forms and sediments which are present at the earth’s surface. You have to look at the landscapes in order to know that how these earth surface processes are working out!

hey map out the distribution of all kinds of landforms. You can call these geomorphologists with the name of “landscape-detectives”. They work out with the landscape history and conduct researches, analyzes data in the lab or in the fields.

Geochemistry Field
These geochemist professionals have to analyse the nature as well as composition of rock. They analyze the age factor of minerals and soil and the rest of the environmental samples. They conduct the sample tests and carry out gas chromatography. They process carbon data and isotope data and solvent extraction proceedings.

They work with the specialist equipment which includes mass spectrometers and microscopes, electron microprobe. They undertake the proceedings of field visits so that site samples can be collected. They do the interpretation of variety of data, analyse results.

Career Options in The Field of Geology
These geology field professionals can become an engineering geologist or a geochemist. They can become a geophysicist or a field seismologist. They can work as geoscientists or hydrogeologist professionals. These professionals can get a job position as mudlogger or as a wellsite geologist.

Foreign Job Opportunities for Geology Field Professionals
You will get many foreign job opportunities if you are a geologist. By working as a geologist, your yearly salary will be more than 70,000 pounds. Thus salary figure is comparatively more as compared to the salary figures of doctors and engineers. Now you can imagine that how much huge salaries are given to these geologists.

This is all the data which we have collected for this field line of geology. Are you working as a geologist, share your view with us. And if more career options will be made for this profession and field, we will update you.

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What is The Scope of Geology in Pakistan? Career Tips in Urdu & English

What is The Scope of Geology in Pakistan? Career Tips in Urdu & English

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