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Why West & Arab World are Afraid of Ertugrul? Real History & Drama Review (Urdu-English)

Review on Ertuğrul Ghazi Drama Series with Real History in Urdu & English
Its a fact that West and Arab world both are afraid of Ertugrul drama series. This super hit series is a project of Turkey. Now from 1st Ramadan PTV is also going to broadcast Ertugrul drama in Urdu language. West think that Ertugrul will awake the youth of Muslim by showing them their gorgeous past. Turkey and Ottoman empire had defeated the European countries many times on land and sea. Ertugrul was the real founder of Ottoman empire which continued for about 600 years. He was father of Usman who is generally known as founder of Ottoman empire.


Whay Arab Countries Have Banned Ertugrul Series?


Arab world played a very bad role during the 1st world war by revolting against Turkey for their independence. Resultantly caliphate ended in Turkey after WW1 and lot of tiny Arab states arose on the map of the world. Now it was very easy for west to occupy the Palestine and Arab oil. These states can not even defend their countries. They rely on NATO for there defence. Arab used to portrait Turks as brutal occupational force but Ertugrul drama is showing the real face of Turks. Turks were more Muslims than Arabs. They were rather they are the true followers of Islam. Now Arab states are worried that Ertugrul drama will destroy their false propaganda against Turk nation and Ottoman empire.



Why EU Countries are Against Ertugrul Series?


Europe think that Turkey may become a super power again, so they also the Ertugrul series as it is becoming a agent of change in Turkish and Arab nations. Arab people are now thinking that Arab and Turks are brothers. Islam is the joining force between all Muslims. We are Muslims first. There are now realizing that so-called nationalism is not their destination. Ertugrul is becoming their hero. This is an alarming situation for both Western countries and Arab states of Middle East. Majority of them have banned Ertugrul drama series in their countries. But youth is watching Ertugrul through internet and CDs.



Kashmir & Ertugrul

People are watching more than 700 episodes of Ertuğrul very anxiously. Within 2 years this drama has captured the minds of the people. India has banned the dubbing of Ertuğrul in Hindi language because this series had become very popular in Kashmir. It is giving courage to Kashmiri and they are thinking that if a tribe of 2000 Turks can defeat the super power of their age then why they can not win freedom from Indian occupation. This drama is leaving a strong influence on the minds of Muslims. People are sharing its links through email, whatsapp and SMS.



Many people are using its title song as their phone ring tone. Muslims are now thinking that Turkey is the real leader of Muslim world. Ertuğrul has become the most watched drama series in the whole world. Western media is now portraying Ertuğrul as a silent revolution. Fatwa has been announced against Ertuğrul series but result was unexpected for all. Millions of Arabs are watching this series online. Concept of Ummah is becoming popular amoung young Muslims. Till now this drama has been dubbed in more than 60 languages. Ertuğrul series is also available on Netflix.



Pakistan & Ertugrul
Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has decided to dub the Ertugrul drama in Urdu language so that it may be broadcasted on PTV home. In-fact Pakistan has very good relations with Turkish nation. Turkey is the second home of Pakistani people. Indian Muslim launched the caliphate movement in 1919 to protect the Ottoman caliphate and Turkey after the first world war. Turkish people also admit our sacrifices during this crisis period of their history. Our friendship is not at the level of governments rather it is at the level of people. Hopefully this series will break the records of Mera Sultan drama series in Pakistan. You must also watch all episodes of Ertugrul dubbed in Urdu language on PTV Home because its not a fiction or propaganda rather a real history of Turks and Muslims. Share this post of with your friends so that they may also know the importance of Ertugrul series.


Why West & Arab World are Afraid of Ertugrul? Real History & Drama Review (Urdu-English)


Why West & Arab World are Afraid of Ertugrul? Real History & Drama Review (Urdu-English)