Zoology Definition, Jobs, Scope, Career, Nature of Work & Required Skills

Zoology Introduction, Definition, Job Opportunities, Scope, Degrees, Career, Nature of Job & Required Abilities  

Do you know that biologically human beings are also animals. Even Aristotle says that human beings are social animals, so we can say that zoology is the study of human beings too other than general animals. Even botany, physiology gynecology, pathology and microbiology are sub branches of zoology. In short words we can say that zoology is the study of animals. This term has been derived from Zoo, where animals of all kinds are kept for human recreation. Ironically animals of one kind watch the animals of other phylum kept in cages in zoo and enjoy there-selves. In zoology we study the animals in natural and controlled environment. There are many sub branches of zoology like;

Zoology Definition, Jobs, Scope, Career, Nature of Work & Required Skills


Zoology Definition, Jobs, Scope, Career, Nature of Work & Required Skills

Cell biology
Bio-medical engineering
Evolutionary zoology
Genetics Engineering 
Computational zoology
Development zoology
Veterinary science . .
There are unlimited numbers of living and extinct animals on earth. We still have very limited knowledge about them. There is still need of lot of research on living and extinct animals. You will study about the origin and evolution of animal species, the habits and behavior of animals, and the interaction between animals and their environment in zoology. Zoologist also do research on diseases of animals. They study the animals of all 10 phylum of animal kingdom. One must go for at least BS, B.Sc (Hons) or MSc degree for entry level jobs in research organizations and educational institutes. MS/MPhil and Phd are recommended degrees for research scholar & university level jobs.

What Zoologist Study?
Zoologists study the impact of atmosphere on animals.
They study all about animals like their anatomy, pathology, physiology, embryology, genetics and classification.
They study about all chemical changes in animals like simple and complex processes.
They do research on effects of environment on animals of all kinds.
They do experiments on animals in natural and controlled atmosphere.
They work in zoo to monitor the facilities given to animals of different kinds as per their requirement and natural needs.
They try to control the wildlife diseases through preemptive measures and vaccines. .
They buy the animals for zoos and research labs as per requirement.
They breed the animals for zoos and research purposes.
Being as guide they educate the visitors of zoos, national parks, safari parks, museums and aquariums about the habits of different kinds of animals.
Being wildlife expert they train the animals for different purposes like for circus and race.
They provide first aid facility to injured animals in safari parks, national parks and zoos.
They train the employees of zoo, safari and national parks about behaving with animals. .
Field zoologist work is forests for research in natural atmosphere. They face extreme climates during their out door research period. They also facilitate the wildlife photographers during their in field research.
Some zoologist work just in laboratories for experiments in controlled atmosphere.
Some of them just transfer their knowledge to upcoming generations in class rooms.

Zoology Jobs, Career & Scope
Veterinary institutes
Safari Park
Wild life journals & TV channels
Short and long term government programs
Medical research labs
Laboratory assistant & technician
Fish farms
Cattle farms
Conservation management agencies
Medical Research field
Research labs
National parks
Environment department
Research scientist & assistant
Poultry farms
Private tutor
Non governmental institutes
Medical rep

Required Abilities For The Field of Zoology 

Its a field of people who have great observation skills..
Its a profession who have kind heart and liking for animals of earth and water.
Its a field for biological science lovers.
Its profession of team workers as you will have to work with experts of allied subjects.
For working on managerial and administrative posts, you must have good communication, administrative, leadership and managerial skills.
Strong mental and physical stamina is required for out door research.
Its a field of team men.
Without having strong communication skills you can not succeed in this field.
Love for your field and interest in modern research is also mandatory for success in the field of Zoology. We recommend you to visit our both career counseling related websites and their facebook pages. We will also welcome your queries.






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