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9th November Iqbal Day Speech 2023 in Urdu & English

Iqbal Day Speech 9th November 2023 (Urdu & English): Allama Iqbal: A Visionary Poet and Philosopher Who Shaped Pakistan’s Identity
Welcome to this speech competition on 9th November Iqbal day. Dear audience today i shall express the significance of 9th November as Iqbal Day, a day which is dedicated to honouring the life & contributions of Dr Allama M Iqbal. Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal holds a special place in the hearts of Pakistanis & Muslim Ummah. He is considered 1 of the most influential figures in the Islamic and the world history. His unique ideas & visionary poetry have not only shaped Pakistan’s identity but also inspired countless individuals across various fields. Iqbal is the national poet and co-founder of Pakistan.


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9th November Iqbal Day Speech 2023 in Urdu & English



Research on his thoughts is still continue globally. Iqbaliat a new degree program has also been launched in Pakistan to explore the real and hidden thoughts in poetry. His persion poetry is more thought provoking. Students of Iqbaliat must focus to explore it first. Many universities around the world have awarded lot of PhD degrees on various aspects of Iqbal’s thoughts. Even Indian people think that Iqbal is their poet. Iran and other Persian speaking countries like Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan also pay their tribute to its poetic and philosophical work. Lets start the main part of my 9th November Iqbal Day speech 2023;



Early Life and Education of Allama Iqbal

We must study his early life & education to truly understand Allama Iqbal & his contributions. Iqbal was born on November 9, 1877 in Sialkot which is a historic city in present-day Pakistan. He was raised in a arthodox religious & educated Kashmiri family, which greatly influenced his intellectual growth. From a young age Muhammad Iqbal displayed a remarkable curiosity & love for Urdu, Persian and Arabic literature, which would later shape his poetic & philosophical works .



Throughout his early education, Iqbal excelled in his studies & showed a deep passion for learning. He completed his Bachelor’s degree from Government College, Lahore and went on to get higher studies in England & Germany. Iqbal’s education broadened his horizons & exposed him to diverse cultures & philosophies, which played a pivotal role in shaping his world view.



Iqbal as a Philosopher & Poet

Allama M Iqbal’s contributions to literature & philosophy are truly unparalleled. He is known for his profound philosophical ideas, particularly his concept of Khudi or self-hood. Iqbal believed in the inherent potential of the individual & emphasized the importance of self-discovery and self-actualization..



His poetry collections, such as Bang-i-Dara and Zarb-i-Kalim, are revered for their poetic brilliance & thought-provoking messages. Through his poetry, Iqbal explored various themes, including love, spirituality, freedom & the importance of education. His verses resonated with people from different walks of life, inspiring them to introspect & strive for personal growth,



Political Activism & Vision for Pakistan

Beyond his literary & philosophical contributions, Allama Iqbal was deeply involved in political activism. He played a significant role in shaping the political landscape of the Indian subcontinent, particularly with regard to the Muslim community; Iqbal was associated with the Indian National Congress initially but later became a prominent member and even President of the All India Muslim League.



Iqbal’s vision for a separate homeland for Muslims in India became 1 of his defining legacies. He believed that Muslims needed a separate national homeland to preserve their cultural & religious identity & to have the freedom to govern themselves. His famous Allahabad Address in 1930, where he proposed the idea of a separate Muslim state, laid the foundation for the creation of Pakistan



Legacy of Allama Iqbal

Allama Iqbal’s impact goes far beyond his lifetime. His writings continue to inspire people, not just in Pakistan but also across the world specially in Iran, Bangladesh and Central Asia Muslim states.. His poetry is a treasure trove of wisdom & serves as a source of motivation for individuals in various fields, including literature, politics, & academia. He was the first motivational poet of history. One must read his famous book ”The Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam” to understand the real thoughts of Allam Muhammad Iqbal. He was a in favor of Ijtihad as a source of Islamic laws.



Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s vision for Pakistan, as a democratic & progressive nation continues to guide the country’s development . He envisioned a society based on justice, equality & freedom of thought. Today his ideas are ingrained in the national consciousness, reminding us of our shared values & the importance of preserving our cultural heritage.,

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Important Point about Iqbal Day


Iqbal’s financial life was not ideal, still his poetry has the message of hope and struggle. Our society has lowest tolerance level, that’s why Iqbal gave his real message in his Persian work, which is still undiscovered for Pakistani people. There is need of lot of research to explore the real Iqal. I am not satisfied by the working of Iqbal chairs in various universities of Pakistan. Allama Iqbal Open University and Iqbal academy should take initiatives towards this direction. Iqbal is our pride but we should do more research on him. Iran is beating Pakistan in this regard. Wake up dears to explore the real teaching of Iqbal for flourishing in this world. He had presented the road map to success and we just need to explore and follow it in real sense.


Essay on Allama Iqbal, Poetry, Life, Services, Career, Books, Philosophy, Legacy


Conclusion of Iqbal Day Speech 2023


Allama Iqbal’s life, philosophy & vision for Pakistan are truly remarkable. On this Iqbal Day, let us remember & celebrate the contributions of this visionary poet and philosopher. His ideas continue to shape our collective identity & provide guidance for a prosperous future,.


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As we honour Allama Iqbal on 9th November, let us strive to embody the principles of selfhood, justice & unity that he espoused. By embracing his teachings, we can collectively work towards building a society that stands strong on the foundations of equality, compassion & intellectual growth. Allama Iqbal’s legacy lives on & it is up to us to carry forward his vision for Pakistan and the world. They day will come soon when the whole world will celebrate the 9th November Iqbal day. All countries will say that Iqbal is their. If you like this blog post on 9th November Iqbal Day Speech 2023 then do read our following blog post too.


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9th November Iqbal Day Speech 2023 in Urdu

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9th November Iqbal Day Speech 2023 in Urdu & English