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Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Details, Career, Scope, Pay, Jobs, Topics

What is The Scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) in Pakistan? Career Counseling Guide, Job Prospects, Salary, Subjects, Benefits, Career & Tips 
Do you have any interest to study this field of engineering which is aircraft maintenance engineering? If yes then we are completely sure that you are interested in reading the details of this post. Here we will able to inform you about the career and scope of aircraft maintenance engineering in Pakistan. For the information, this is the kind of field in which the related and linked professionals give this assurance that the specific airplane is safe to use and safe to operate. This field is also given the name of aviation engineering. It has become quite an extensive and popular field line and also degree program in these universities of Pakistan. This is a technical engineering field line sector and the linked professionals all have to assure 100% safe functioning and safe operations of the airplanes.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Details, Career, Scope, Pay, Jobs, Topics

Career & Scope of AME Degree in Pakistan
If you do have the licensed and official aircraft maintenance engineering degree, then you can have many job options in the multiple aviation areas. There are an immense number of public and also private airlines which are working in Pakistan, you can apply in the. No doubt that if you are aircraft maintenance engineer, then you can never be a jobless person. You will always get the opportunities.

Job Options in The Field of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Pakistan
It is in the public airlines as well as in any one of the private airlines that these aircraft maintenance engineers can serve and contribute themselves. You can work in the helicopters maintenance zones. Then there are lots of opportunities if you are going to make your headway into public sector air services. These professionals can work for the satellite companies. As this degree and field is getting immensely popular. That is why these specific professionals are highly demanded by manufacturing units at the same time.

More Job Prospects Offered by The Sector of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Pakistan
You can become a maintenance engineer, junior airline engineer, aeronautical engineer, aerospace engineer, consultant, researcher, assistant, Pakistan army aviation corps, CAA, Pak air force PAF, Pakistan aeronautical complex, consultant engineer of private aircraft owners, Pak navy air arm, local private airlines, international airlines.

Or you can work for the Pak naval air firm, flying clubs, space research institutes, engineering and technology universities, scientific writer, satellite manufacturing firms, missile manufacturing companies.

Salary Given to Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Field Line Professionals in Pakistan
The salary given to these engineers, their initial salary is Rs 60000 to Rs 80,000.

And after acquiring the experience, their salary come out to be Rs 130,000 to Rs 220,000.

Subjects Offered in The Degree Program of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) in Pakistan
You will have to study these subjects if you are part of this degree and they are aircraft rules, aircraft regulations, aircraft hardware, theory and practical of flight, digital aircraft system, airplane materials and power plants, aircraft writing, aircraft screening. Along with that, you will study these courses and they are aircraft bonding, engine fuel system, lubrication system, aircraft piston engine system, troubleshooting, radio test equipment, functions & basic structure of different aircrafts, aircraft fuel system.

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